Environmental Measures

Action to Reduce the Environmental Impact

Reducing CO2 emission volumes~Dealing with climate change~

Climate change on a global scale is thought to have been brought about by greenhouse gas emissions based on the use of fossil fuels, etc., and the emission of air polluting substances. Of these greenhouse gases, it is possible to reduce CO2 emissions through human intervention in the form of energy-saving activities. It is possible to reduce climate change by reducing emissions from machinery of fluorocarbon HFC (hydrofluorocarbon), which has a greenhouse effect of 100 to more than 10,000 times that of carbon dioxide even though it does not damage the ozone layer, and by switching to non-fluorocarbon/low-GWP (global warming potential).*
The Dexerials Group is responding to climate change as an important challenge, include taking energy-saving measures and reducing fluorocarbon emissions from machinery.

  • * GWP (global warming potential): A value that shows the relative effect on global warming of a unit amount of a specific substance emitted into the atmosphere, if a value of 1.0 is given to CO2.


External evaluation

In the system of classifying businesses based on periodic reporting in the Energy Conservation Law (presented in fiscal 2022) for businesses and factories from the Agency for Natural Resources and Energy, part of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Dexerials was selected as a superior energy conservation business (S Class) running since the start of the system.
*Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry website (about the system of classifying businesses)

Reduction of water usage

The Dexerials Group has reduced the volume of water used by making improvements to water supply equipment and by optimizing water supply volumes in manufacturing processes, while also ensuring that no water is lost in the process. Also, we are striving to increase awareness of water resources by requesting employees to conserve water used for daily necessities, including toilets.


Reduction of industrial waste

The Dexerials Group is actively engaged in the reduction of the volume of industrial waste generated and in the reuse of waste materials. The Group as a whole achieved zero emissions* with a recycling rate of 99.9%. At the same time as increasing product yield and controlling the volume of waste materials generated, we conduct the appropriate separation, recovery, and processing of waste materials generated and waste solvents, waste acids and alkali, plastic scrap, scrap metal and waste wood generated during the production process in line with waste processing laws. We are implementing measures to effectively reduce, reuse, and recycle our waste.
*Definition of zero emissions: “Zero waste emissions” is defined as a reuse/recycling ratio of 99.5% or more.



VOC emissions volume reduction

The Dexerials Group has introduced gas emission detoxification systems, and researches process improvements for target materials or the use of alternative materials. We also implement measures aimed at reducing the amount of organic solvents used, and abide by VOC emission standards as set out in the Air Pollution Control Act.