Corporate Strategy

Message from Top Management

I have been approved by the 7th Annual Shareholders Meeting and the Board of Directors and inaugurated as Representative Director and President.

While the global economic environment remains increasingly uncertain, we are now facing a major turning point where technological innovations designed to solve social issues are starting to make progress such as the utilization of artificial intelligence (AI), the introduction of IoT where everything is connected to the Internet, and the introduction of 5G which is the next generation of high-speed communication.
In such a drastically changing business environment, we devised the medium-term management plan, “Challenges for Evolution,” which will run from 2019 to 2023 and help us realize sustainable development toward the future.
During the project period, we will concentrate on a number of selected existing business domains and also transition our resources into new domains, aiming for growth as we expand our business in these new domains.

In particular, in the automotive domain, the introduction of electronic equipment into automobiles, the progress in automated driving, and the introduction of IoT into automobiles are all moving forward at a rapid pace. The products and technologies we have developed in the domain of electronics which are used for displays, sensors, and communication devices are all materials that can contribute to the drastic evolution of automobiles, so we will proactively develop these businesses aiming for growth. We will also take advantage of our achievements in the automotive domain to secure more business opportunities in society as IoT is increasingly introduced, which will lead to our further development.

We also need to improve our business speed as we expand into new business domains. We will innovate the minds and actions of each of our company employees and also try to break away from the principle of self-sufficiency through utilization of external resources etc., while we develop a strong management foundation on which new businesses can be rapidly developed.

We will make ongoing focused efforts in our business activities aimed at improving our corporate value and strive to become a corporation which develops sustainably through resolving social issues. We will greatly appreciate your continuous support.

Yoshihisa Shinya

Representative Director and President