Relationships with Society

Quality Management

Quality philosophy

We, the Dexerials Group, under our corporate vision of “Value Matters Unprecedented innovation, unprecedented value” contribute to our customer’s product value, through explore technologies, and provide high quality products and services.

Basic Policy

We challenge activities in all process of development, design, production and service to realize more attractive quality.

  • 1.
    We provide safe and reliable products, and services.
  • 2.
    We comply with relevant laws and regulations, agreement with customers, and internal standards surely.
  • 3.
    We practice steadily implementing activities to reduce risks and preventive activities.
  • 4.
    We improve professional standards and develop human resources by on the job training and education.
  • 5.
    We ensure to utilize quality management system and improve effectiveness.

Quality promotion system

Dexerials has introduced process management in order to achieve the basic quality policy and quality KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) so that business activities are conducted in line with various quality management systems and to ensure definite compliance with regulation and customer requirements. Organization-wide activity promotion and cooperation is required in order to realize products, so management is based on responsibility systems for each process in so far as activities that require cooperation are connected as processes. At Dexerials, company-wide shared quality KPIs are set in order to monitor and improve quality initiatives, including preventing and responding to serious quality issues. There is a two-stage PDCA cycle at the company-wide level and the process level, which leads to the achievement of the quality KPIs. Company-wide quality KPIs are embedded in targets for each process and in policy, and the quality of products and of business is continuously improved by repeating a PDCA cycle that involves implementing policy, measuring performance and risks/opportunity initiatives

Process management operation chart
Process Management Structure

Acquisition status of quality management system certification

All Dexerials Group manufacturing plants have acquired the international standard for quality management systems, ISO 9001 certification, as the basis of business activities such as design, development, manufacturing, and quality assurance in order to implement the quality philosophy and basic policies. Also, with the expansion of business in the in-vehicle and medical domains, etc., we have established quality assurance systems that respond to the characteristic customer requirements and regulations in each business domain. In the domain of in-vehicle products, we have acquired the automotive industry standard IATF 16949 and we comply with the VDA standard (German Association of the Automotive Industry standard) for the maintenance of the high quality and reliability that is required for automobile parts. In the medical domain, we have acquired the medical devices standard ISO 13485 that emphasizes reliable quality and compliance. As for ISO 9001 and IATF 16949, we have constructed quality management systems in response to revisions to these standards implemented in recent years, and we have acquired certification after being inspected following the study of transition by 2017.

ISO9001 Acquisition status of quality management system certification
Organization Manufacturing site Certification registration
Dexerials Corporation Headquarters 3790996
Tochigi Technology Center
Kanuma Factory No.1
Kanuma Factory No.2
Nakada Plant
Tagajo Branch
Consolidated affiliates of Dexerials Corporation
Dexerials America Corporation 38206-2011-AQ-USA-RvA
Dexerials Europe B.V. NL012504-1
Dexerials (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. CNBJ312234-UK
Dexerials (Shenzhen) Corporation CNG302155ーUK
IATF16949 Automotive Quality Management System
Organization Manufacturing site Certification registration
Dexerials Corporation Kanuma Factory No.1 353001
Kanuma Factory No.2 299078
ISO13485 Medical Devices Quality Management System
Organization Manufacturing site Certification registration
Dexerials Corporation Headquater MD665939
Tochigi Technology Center
Kanuma Factory No.2

Product Safety

In line with our basic policy of making product safety the top priority, we test our products for compliance with a range of product safety standards and acquire the relevant certifications to ensure that products are safe for customers to use with complete confidence. Regarding the essential international standard, the UL standard (safety standards established by UL LCC, a company that enacts safety standards and conducts tests and certification), in particular, not only did we respond to the demand from customers for certification registration but also we have proactively received certification for various products in the Dexerials Group as we continue to supply safe products at the parts level.

Quality Control

Through communication with customers, the Dexerials Group shares customer needs and technology issues. It offers technology-based support and solutions, working toward the creation of products that reward customer confidence and create satisfaction. As an example, on the film product production line, in addition to using the Roll to Roll production method (a method of performing continuous production by using roll-shaped materials), by also using high-speed line camera sensors and image processing technology, we have introduced a system to perform feedback control to manufacturing conditions based on the results of the measured line condition, etc. In thin film processing, Dexerials is further refining quality control technology, which is a strong point for the Company, as we achieve stable high-quality and high-production. Also, at Dexerials, we are proactively promoting initiatives toward product technology reform, such as the automation of exterior inspections to achieve low-variation in quality, and the introduction of AI cooperative robots with the aim of improving quality and efficiency. In the event of quality issues that could impact stakeholders, including where there is the threat of serious quality issues and product incidents occurring, a system is in place whereby the relevant corporate department promptly reports the situation to top management so that appropriate response measures can be taken. Regarding returns and recoveries due to complaints made by customers, an analysis is performed by specialist technical staff using high-grade analytical equipment, and the analytical reports and follow-up measures are promptly taken. For defects that required analyses that are difficult for customers to perform, in particular, we provide technical support including the investigation of cause using the great capacity of Dexerials for analysis.

Quality issue escalation flow

Quality human resource development

At Dexerials, we provide continuous development opportunities for personnel who are experts in quality based on the Human Resources strategy with the objective of specialist development. We have produced a road map for quality training that clarifies the knowledge of quality required in each post in a wide range of levels, from new employees to specialist technicians, and training for everything from basic through to expert knowledge is provided for all Divisions. In each workplace, we are promoting the acquisition and passing down of skills by proactively using OJT (On-the-Job-Training). Alongside OJT, at manufacturing sites, in particular, we are promoting the maintenance and improvement of on-site capabilities by means of “manufacturing basic training” centering on the study of necessary approaches to engage in manufacturing, “manufacturing technical training” to learn improvement techniques, and “manufacturing management training” to learn daily management at work locations. In to prevent various corporate scandals related to quality that have been an issue recently, Dexerials has had training in place for a long time. Training for all employees is given for quality compliance, and in company ethics, which is the basis of making correct decisions and actions. Also, at Dexerials, we proactively participate in various QC circle presentations held externally, factory tours and lectures, which we use to learn from the good initiatives of other company and to train young people. At Dexerials, we are obtaining the Quality Management and Quality Control Examination (examination regarding knowledge of quality control led by the Japanese Standards Association) that objectively determines the level of knowledge regarding quality and we are promoting the improved knowledge of managers and workplace leaders who implement quality management.

Quality training road map

Initiatives toward improving customers satisfaction

At Dexerials, on the basis of the Corporate Philosophy, “Integrity Have Integrity and Sincerity,” we utilize customer opinions in product quality, and, in order to provide products that gain customer satisfaction, we engage in improvement activities from various angles, including pricing, delivery, technical capabilities and product capabilities, in addition to product quality itself and product safety.

Systems to increase customer satisfaction

At Dexerials, we conduct analyses of information gathered from the Sales Division that regularly communicates with customers, which is used in measures to improve customer satisfaction. We have constructed a system of close cooperation between relevant departments in order to more quickly connect real-time customer opinions to product development and quality improvement.

System to increase customer satisfaction

Activities to increase customer satisfaction

Prompt response by means of customer-based activities

From customer satisfaction surveys conducted until now, we have acquired evaluation results to gain great trust from a deeper mutual understanding with a customer focus and from taking prompt measures that anticipate customer needs. Based on this, we are engaging in activities that deepen the relationship of mutual trust with customers by planning horizontal expansion so that customer-based activities can be conducted across multiple product categories.

Survey of specific details about claims made and implementation of improved quality measures

Regarding the various claims made by customers in connection to quality, we conduct detailed surveys regarding defective products, the status of the defect, the status of handling by customers, response to replacement items, and customer response after the countermeasure, etc., and we take comprehensive countermeasures across all product categories based on the results. This leads to greater quality as we share this information throughout the company and promote the horizontal expansion of improvement measures, etc.