Top Message

As of March 1st, I took office as President and Executive Officer of Dexerials Corporation.
I will devote myself to earn the trust of our stakeholders by leading our effort to maximize the company’s value.

Based on our corporate vision, "Value Matters Unprecedented innovation, unprecedented value," we have made full use of material and processing technologies to provide functional materials, mainly in the field of electronics.

Uncertainties in the world economy have become stronger and the social situation surrounding the company is getting more and more complicated. Furthermore, technological innovation is rapidly progressing in such a way that artificial intelligence (AI) is being used everywhere in society, all kinds of devices are connected via the Internet (IoT), and so on. In particular, the automobile industry is now experiencing a significant change because electrical installation of automobiles has been promoted and autonomous driving technology has been rapidly developed.
We will grasp the business opportunities provided by recent changes and make efforts to actively utilize our products and technologies, which have been developed in the electronics domain thus far, in new business domains such as automotive, environmental, life science, etc.

Furthermore, as a company that handles chemicals that could affect the environment, we pay due consideration to safety and environmental matters in operating our business. We aim at adequately combining knowledge gained in such efforts and our basic technologies to create products that contribute to the realization of a sustainable society.

The management of Dexerials Corporation and its employees will strive together to realize sustainable growth in the future, and we will appreciate your continued support.

Yoshihisa Shinya

President and Executive Officer