Environmental Measures

Setting Environmental Targets

The occurrence of extreme weather such as torrential rains in recent years is thought to be due in no small part to global warming.
CO2 emitted by corporate activities has a significant impact on the progress of global warming. Currently, global efforts to curb CO2 emissions are required, including the Paris Agreement adopted in December 2015.
We are promoting environmentally conscious business activities for the realization of a sustainable society. Specifically, we have been engaged in initiatives to reduce environmental impact on a group-wide basis, e.g., setting the target of achieving zero CO2 emissions from the consumption of electricity for business by fiscal 2030 and setting CSR targets regarding the promotion of waste recycling, the reduction of water usage, and other activities.
In addition, we have agreed with the recommendations of the TCFD (Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures) and are analyzing the risks and opportunities of climate change in our business and are ensuring they are reflected in our management strategy.

CSR targets (fiscal 2022-2023)

Details of targets
CO2 ・1% reduction to YoY CO2 emissions through business activities
Industrial waste ・Continuation of zero emissions*
・YoY reduction in emissions intensity
Water ・Compliance with voluntary standards for water quality
・Promotion of water-saving

*Definition of zero emissions: “Zero waste emissions” is defined as a reuse/recycling ratio of 99.5% or more.