Environmental Measures

Medium-to Long-term Environmental Targets

The effect of global warming on the occurrence of abnormal weather in recent years such as heavy rainfall is considered to be substantial.
CO2 produced from company activities has a serious impact on the advancement of global warming and global initiatives are now required toward reducing the CO2 emissions volume, such as the Paris Agreement adopted in December 2015. In addition to the mid-term environmental targets for the three fiscal years from 2019 to 2021 as initiatives toward realizing a sustainable society, Dexerials has established long-term targets toward 2030. Going forward, we will promote strategic initiatives to achieve our targets such as by promoting recycling of waste and reducing water usage, as well as limiting CO2 emissions to prevent global warming. Refer to our CSR targets for annual results and reviews.

Environmental targets

Medium-term targets (FY2019-2021) Long-term targets(FY2030)
  • 1% reduction to YoY CO2 emissions through business activities
50% reduction compared with fiscal 2013
Industrial waste
  • Continuation of zero emissions*
75% reduction compared with fiscal 2013
  • Reduction of YoY usage volume
  • Compliance with independent standards for water quality
70% reduction compared with fiscal 2013
  • Equal or reduced YoY usage volume
99% reduction compared with fiscal 2013

*Definition of zero emissions: “Zero waste emissions” is defined as a reuse/recycling ratio of 99.5% or more.