1. Overview

Infra-Aid™ is a brand of leak repair products developed specifically for repair and maintenance of infrastructure equipment.

“UVS-1000C” UV curable Sealant

Ideal for emergency repair of oil leaks on electrical equipment or other infrastructure. When applied to oil pipe or flange leaks on aging or deteriorated equipment, it incorporates and integrates surface oil to bond tightly with the part repaired. Instant curing after at least one second of UV exposure stops oil leakage and prevents leak paths from developing.


Bonds even to slightly oily surface

Sealant itself blends with and incorporates residual oil, allowing the sealant to come into contact with the bonding surface of the pipe to ensure adhesion to oily surfaces

Formulated for optimal viscosity when applied

Ideal fluidity to resist sagging on vertical surfaces yet become runny to flow into small gaps

Cures quickly with UV

Effective in preventing leak paths from developing
Significantly saves the working time compared to epoxy-based repair materials

Removable after repair

Sealant hardness is designed to enable removal by chipping

How It Works

Demonstration (Video)

Application Examples

Oil leaks : Can be used for infrastructure equipment repair where complete removal of leaking oil or residual surface oil has been difficult.
Electrical equipment: ∙ Transformers ∙ Shunts
Parts where oil leaks: ∙ Flanges ∙ CT-boxes ∙ Bushing cementing ∙ Weld pinholes

2. How to Use


1. Prepare surfaces by removing old paint, rust, and grease

Clean and degrease leaking parts.
Remove paint and rust in advance.


2. Apply the sealant

Apply the sealant to affected parts.


3. Cure with UV exposure

Immediately cure by exposing to UV light.


4. Apply and cure additional coats

Repeat steps 2–3 to apply at least two coats of sealant.

Work Instructions (Video)

Key Points (Video)

3. Product Information


Product name UVS-1000C
Type 1 component UV curable acrylic
Property(Uncured/Cured) White viscous liquid / White solid
Adhesion to various materials *1 Good Stainless steel, Cast-iron, Rigid PVC, Acrylic (PMMA),
Glass, Galvanized steel, Carbon steel, Brass, Aluminum
Fair Olefin resin (PP, PE)
Very poor Silicone resin, Fluorine resin
Breakdown voltage [KV/mm] *2 52
Shelf life 2 years from the date of manufacture
(stored unopened at room temperature in a dark place)
Net weight 200 g
Container Lid:PP Body:PE
  • *1 with #1000 sanding
  • *2 Conforming to ASTM D149

Technical Data

1.Adhesiveness to oily surfaces

Test Piece Condition

Adherend: Stainless steel plate (SUS 304), 1000-grit sanded
Cured sealant: UVS-1000C, 1 mm thick, in a diameter of 6 mm
Shear test speed: 0.2 mm/s
Curing conditions: 1 J/cm2@ 365 nm

Steel plate was immersed in hexane solution containing HV Insulating Oil A.
Prepared with a layer of oil by removing the plate and drying the hexane.
Sealant was applied to the steel plate with oil film and cured by UV exposure.
Strength was measured by scratching the cured part horizontally with a shear tester.

Item evaluated Results
Adhesion to oily surfaces
Shear strength
HV Insulating Oil A
0 wt%
(No oil film)
8 MPa
15 wt% 6 MPa

2. Oil resistance (oil absorption of cured parts)

Item evaluated Results Notes
Oil resistance
(oil absorption of cured parts)
HV Insulating Oil A < 0.5 wt% JIS K7114
Rapeseed oil
Hydraulic oil

4. Documentation

Manuals and Instructional Videos