Environmental Measures

Environmental Philosophy and Principles

Environmental Philosophy

We, under our corporate vision of “Value Matters Unprecedented innovation, unprecedented value.”, implement business that leads to new values and activities which, in turn, contribute to environmental conservation, with the perspectives of environmental consciousness and resource recycling that ensure sustainability of all global ecosystems, societies, and the corporation.


We promote environmental management, and each one of our employees uses, to the full, technologies andskills toward its realization. We will continue to be a company respected and trusted by society, by achievingtargets in a systematic manner and making continuous improvements in all of our business fields.

  • 1.
    We actively pursue environmental business opportunities and continuously develop and provide environmentally conscious products.
  • 2.
    We use energy and resources efficiently, and widely apply productivity improvement methods and recycling-based operations.
  • 3.
    We enhance environmental risk management and the flow management of chemical substances, thereby striving to prevent pollution.
  • 4.
    We understand and comply with international and national laws, ordinances, regulations, etc. concerning environmental conservation.
  • 5.
    We contribute to raising environmental awareness and improving professional standards, and to human resource development, through business practices, education, and corporate communications.
  • 6.
    We, as a member of the society and the local community, promote environmental conservation, cooperation, and communication activities.
  • 7.
    We strive to maintain and improve institutional infrastructure to promote activities, active interaction and sharing, and the management system.

Notification of the Environment Philosophy and the Principles is made on the Dexerials website, on the Intranet used by employees in Japan and overseas, on internal posters and panels, in e-mails sent out to all employees and on internal activity noticeboards.