Environmental Measures

Environmental Management

Environmental Management System

Based on the Environmental Philosophy and Principles, the Group has built an environmental management system that encompasses all offices and manufacturing sites both within Japan and overseas. Based on this system, nvironmental Managers supervise and manage each office and manufacturing site, and environmental activities are implemented throughout the group across all plants. At each office and manufacturing site, an environment office works on environmental activities with consideration for the differences in the various products and equipment handled at each office and manufacturing site.
The status of management system compliance, the status of system/process operations, effectiveness, and validity undergo inspection by independent certification organizations, which has led to the acquisition of ISO 14001 status.

Environmental Management System
Environmental Management Structure in Each Site

Compliance with Laws and Regulations

Compliance with laws and own standards

As well as managing the use of chemical substances in the Company’s business activities, we check and deal with regulatory aspects of matters ranging from the purchase of raw materials to product design, manufacture, distribution, import and export, to ensure that the Company responds appropriately to recent legislative amendments relating to chemical substances both within Japan and overseas (e.g. Act on the Evaluation of Chemical Substances and Regulation of Their Manufacture, etc. and EU REACH Regulation).
Imports and exports of chemical substances may require procedures such as notifications and registrations. The Dexerials Group responds to such regulatory requirements through local sales or manufacturing subsidiaries or consulting companies.

Report of environmental compliance with laws and regulations in fiscal 2021

ISO 14001 Certification Status

When the company was newly established, Dexerials Group had sought to attain ISO 14001 certification once more, resulting in five domestic sites and one overseas site being awarded certification. (87.5% of Dexerials group's manufacturing sites have obtained ISO 14001 certification)

Organization site Certification registration
Dexerials Corporation Headquarters and Tochigi Technology Center JP021990
Kanuma Plant No.1
Kanuma Plant No.2
Tagajo Plant
Dexerials Precision Components Corporation
Dexerials (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. CN037600
Kyoto Semiconductor Co., Ltd. C2022-03326

Managing substances of concern

Inspection of utilization status of environment-related substances

we carry out an annual inspection of the usage status of environment-related substances, check the usage status of chemical substances including VOCs, and the preventive measures against environmental accidents. This allows us to continue our record of accident-free handling of organic solvents.

Solvent leakage response drill

Each plant carries out drills in line with its specific risk profile, and uses any shortcomings or issues identified as feedback to improve its response to leakage incidents. Repeated drills have worked so far to maintain the high level of responsiveness to leakage incidents.
At the Dexerials Group’s overseas plants, similar leakage drills are carried out periodically to improve employee skills.





Dexerials (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.での訓練

Drills at Dexerials(Suzhou) Co., Ltd.