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Occupational Health and Safety, Disaster Prevention

The Dexerials Group implements employee training, along with reinforcement and improvement work to facilities, in an effort to prevent or minimize damage from disasters and accidents which potentially could have a serious impact on business.

Occupational Health and Safety, Disaster Prevention Principle and Prevention Policy

Occupational Health and Safety

Occupational Health and Safety, Disaster Prevention Principle Based on the Corporate Vision, “Value Matters Unprecedented innovation, unprecedented value,” the Dexerials Group is expanding activities to continually provide safe and healthy business sites as we are conscious that safety is imperative to the creation of new value and quality enhancement.

Occupational Health and Safety, Disaster Prevention

Dexerials Group is moving ahead with "Safety FIRST※1" activities, raising the climate of safety in all workplaces and preventing critical disasters in order to reduce risk and the occurrence of disasters and to continue stable business.

  • 1.
    We understand and comply with domestic and overseas laws, ordinances and regulations related to health and safety.
  • 2.
    We carry out risk assessment appropriately and work on the following as important actions.
    • (1)
      Operational/Facility safety: We clarify any risk in the workplace or at the facility and ensure the reduction of risk with absolute certainty.
    • (2)
      Work environment safety: We consistently adhere to measures regarding the risk of hazardous materials and flow management in order to maintain and improve the work environment.
    • (3)
      Health management: We carry out actions to prevent overwork and to improve measures for mental health and for those who need observation.
    • (4)
      Traffic safety: We work on traffic safety education and raising awareness to reduce the number of traffic accidents.
    • (5)
      Disaster prevention measures: We established BCM※3 which connects initial responses and the BCP※2 to protect human life, operations and our stakeholders.
  • 3.
    We improve the awareness and knowledge of safety and disaster prevention through practical operations, education and training to develop human resources.
  • 4.
    In regards to safety and disaster prevention, we cooperate with the government and local society positively while driving participation and communication forward.
  • 5.
    We make efforts to maintain and manage our management system by exchanging and activating actions and also implementing audits and reviews.
  • ※1 FIRST: Focus: Narrow the focus and look carefully
    Interactive: Talk to each other
    Real: Understand the actual scene and the current situation
    Speed: Prompt response
    Teamwork: Cooperate with a common objective
  • ※2 BCP: Business Continuity Plan
  • ※3 BCM: Business Continuity Management

Education and training

At Dexerials, we regularly conduct education for occupational health and safety/disaster prevention, disaster drills, safety confirmation system practice, and education for the safe handling of chemical substances in heavy use in development and manufacturing sites. For new employees, we conduct firefighting training, disaster countermeasure training at external facilities, and driving aptitude tests at driving safety education centers, etc. Foreman education regarding safety considerations at work sites is given to employees who become the new heads of work sites, and appropriate safety education is given at the right time to employees who are engaged in special types of work including forklift operation, and handling laser machinery and various powders. Also, at the Kanuma Factories, we have created a location to increase the awareness and sensitivity of employees regarding safety by establishing a safety workshop to experience various dangers.

Emergency Response Drills

Inspection of utilization status of environment-related substances

At Nakada plant, we carry out an annual inspection of the usage status of environment-related substances, check the usage status of chemical substances including VOCs, and the preventive measures against environmental accidents. This allows us to continue our record of accident-free handling of organic solvents.

Solvent leakage response drill

At Kanuma factory No.1 and No.2, each business unit carries out drills in line with its specific risk profile, and uses any shortcomings or issues identified as feedback to improve its response to leakage incidents. Repeated drills have worked so far to maintain the high level of responsiveness to leakage incidents.

Solvent leakage response drills at overseas business sites

At the Dexerials Group’s overseas plants, similar leakage drills are carried out periodically to improve employee skills.

Equipment disaster prevention

Disasters can be separated into two types: “machinery” and “human.” We engage in disaster prevention activities on the basis of the idea that the elimination of these two factors is important to disaster prevention. In order to eliminate machinery disaster (i.e. unsafe status) and human disasters (i.e. unsafe actions), we engage in disaster prevention by reducing the level of “machinery” and “human” danger as we prioritize the elimination of dangers and risks from machinery by conducting danger and risk identification and analysis during the introduction and operation of machinery from the design and investigation stage. With regard to machinery that has already been introduced, we have introduced structure for the early-stage detection of abnormalities by conducting independent maintenance by the using department and various inspections in planned maintenance by the equipment specialist department. By appropriately such performing maintenance, we are striving toward the advance prevention of accidents. Also, we are taking initiatives to minimize damage during emergencies by conducting regular accident preparation training

【Main measures in the past】

  • Aseismic reinforcement of utility piping
  • Leakage measures for underground facilities (i.e. establishment of leakage sensors, duplication of tanks and piping)
  • Aseismic fixing of elevated chemical tanks
  • Leakage measures for the loading/unloading area (i.e. established a pit)
  • Duplicate external chemical piping
  • Emergency rainwater shutoff valve
  • Noise prevention activities (i.e. management of the regulatory level within the site boundary etc.)
  • Earthquake risk assessment consultation and implementing improvements
  • Leakage measures for underground tanks (i.e. establishment of leakage sensors and extension of groundwater observation wells)
  • Checking the system to prevent chemical substances from escaping
  • Installation of Observation Wells
  • Countermeasures for Piping-Related Risks
  • Reinforcement Work for Seismic-Resistance to Prevent Leaks

Health and Productivity Management

Dexerials conducts systematic structural health promotion initiatives in conjunction with the National Federation of Health Insurance Societies, the Employee Association, the Health Management Office, and the HR and General Affairs departments, etc. in order to maintain and improve the health of employees.
As a result, Dexerials was recognized in the 2019 White 500 list of exceptional companies with regard to health management, which is part of the Certified Health and Productivity Management Organization Recognition Program held by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and Nippon Kenko Kaigi (Japan Health Association).
Going forward, Dexerials will implement a range of initiatives to create an environment where each employee can maximize their abilities by working in a safe and healthy environment.

Physical examinations

Overwork physical examinations are conducted as a countermeasure against excess work in addition to regular physical examinations and special physical examinations based on the Industrial Safety and Health Act. Applicants over the age of 35 undergo thorough medical check-ups, which leads to the early detection and prevention of lifestyle diseases. Industry physicians check the results of the health diagnoses of all employees, and industry physicians and public health nurses conduct follow-up checks such as individual appointments and medical consultation promotion for recommended individuals. In addition, in cooperation with health insurance associations, in-company dental checks are conducted every year, and dentists provide check-ups and brushing instructions, which leads to the early detection or prevention of oral diseases among employees.

Mental health initiatives

We are cooperating with health care offices, industry physicians and work sites on the prevention and early detection/ treatment of mental health issues among employees, support for various consultations from employees and those on a temporary leave of absence, and support for return to work. From now on, in order to create a pleasant workplace that does not cause stress and to create an environment for work that gives employees a sense of worth, employees, workplaces, human resources departments and health care offices united as one are implementing and strengthening countermeasures.

Stress checks

Based on the revised Industrial Safety and Health Act, all employees have been undergoing stress checks since 2016. The checks raise individual employees’ awareness of stress and how to deal with it. The health and safety committee also notifies industrial physicians of the results of group analysis. Problems are ascertained through detailed analyses, which leads to better workplaces and job satisfaction.

Mental health classes

All management level employees participate in an annual workshop held by industry physicians with regard to health-related laws that are of importance to managers, safety consideration responsibilities, and the role of managerial employees in mental health.

Mental health classes

External counselling

In order for employees to be rid of worries and to createa system for immediate consultation, a free external counselling office has been established. By establishing various consultation systems inside and outside the company with industry physicians, public health nurses and clinical psychologists, we promote mental health countermeasures in the “Four Cares” (self-care, line care, care from workplace healthcare staff and care from resources outside the workplace) as indicated in the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare’s guidelines for maintaining and promoting the psychological health of employees.

Quit-smoking activities

We promote quit-smoking activities from an environmental perspective, such as designating building interiors as no-smoking zones and establishing smoking hours, and we work with health insurance societies to run activities to support quitting smoking for staff that wish to do so. We cover all expenses for staff that attend clinics to quit smoking and 85.7% of participants in fiscal 2017 managed to quit. Also, we conducted seminars for the whole company entitled “Thoughts on Tobacco and Smoking: Periodontal Diseases and Pulmonary Emphysema” presented by an industrial physician, to create an opportunity for staff to think about smoking. Through initiatives such as these, we have continued to reduce the smoking rate at the Company, so that the rate in fiscal 2017 was 3.8% lower than in fiscal 2013.

Trends in percentage of Dexerials employees who smoke

Health Support

Lunch at the company cafeteria is a relaxing time for the employees and it provides a venue for an important meal that forms the basis of health promotion. Company cafeterias at each site provide information about health, such as introducing healthy menus to promote staff health, providing low-calorie, nutritionally balanced menus, and providing table-top advertising and information.

Furthermore, we hold health events and health seminars through tie-ups with cafeteria operators at cafeterias.
At health events, employees gain an understanding of their own health status through blood flow measurement, bone density measurement, and simple locomotion checks, etc. and these initiatives provide employees with an opportunity to examine their lifestyle habits.

Health Event

With regard to health seminars, we work with health insurance societies to hold RIZAP Health Seminars for employees to engage in enjoyable health improvement activities. Monthly yoga classes are held at the Nakada Plant with the aim of maintaining and improving health.
Furthermore, we conduct “healthy challenges” for employees and their families, in conjunction with health insurance societies. Employees and their families challenge themselves to improve their lifestyles and health, such as walking, quitting smoking, losing weight, and hand-washing and gargling for children.

RIZAP Health Seminar

In-house refreshment spaces

In order to be a company where employees can work with enthusiasm, and to create an environment and provide structure so that employees take an interest in their own health and grow together with the company, a space for refreshment and light exercise was set up at the Tochigi Technology Center in fiscal 2017

Occurrence of Workplace Accidents

In the fiscal 2017, in the entire Dexerials Group, there were two workplace accidents that resulted in loss of work time, and three accidents that did not result in a loss of work time. The accidents were all due to human error, not issues with equipment or safety management. The accidents that resulted in loss of work time were due to injury or careless mistakes such as an operational mistake by a worker and someone losing their footing on-site. We conduct investigations, analyses and improvements with regard to accidents that occur at the company as minor mistakes and near misses may lead to major accidents, and then we share the information throughout the company to prevent reoccurrence. While preventing serious accidents, we will carry out activities to eliminate human errors, and to find and eliminate risks such as dangers and health hazards in the workplace, and we will make further improvements to form safe workplace environments.

Occurrence of Workplace Accidents