We aim to shape a happy future through the health of each employee and development of the workplace environment.
Through self care-based support for mental and physical health, Dexerials is developing a workplace that enables each employee to take on challenges with a smile and positivity. Working from a workplace environment in which diverse human resources can work with vigor and vitality as a base, we aim for sustainable corporate growth and the realization of a happy society beyond.

Health and Productivity Management at Dexerials

Physical and mental health is the foundation
upon which enthusiasm for work and the willingness
to take on new challenges is built.
Dexerials has adopted the four-leafed clover as
the motif for its health care cycle ensuring
that each employee can lead a vigorous and
fulfilling daily life with a smile.
By supporting the self-directed efforts of employees
to maintain and advance their health,
we aim for growth and happiness on the part of every employee.

Declaration of Health and Productivity Management

Dexerials strives to create a lively workplace in which each person takes on challenges positively and with a smile. With this approach we will promote happiness for each employee, facilitate sustainable corporate growth, and advance happiness in society at large.

Health and Productivity Management Roadmap

Five Initiatives of Health and Productivity Management

Organization Structure

Five Initiatives of Health and Productivity Management

Regular Meetings of the Health Management Committee

The health care section and health insurance association convene regular meetings of the Health Management Committee, where they consider measures to advance the heath of employees and deal with any related issues. In addition to developing specific proposals, the committee checks current conditions, and continues to deliberate ways to achieve more effective health and productivity management through workshops that include outside experts.

Establishment of working groups

In fiscal 2021, we started the activities of the cross-organizational Health Management Working Group. We have set up health management promotion members in each workplace to promote and disseminate activities related to health management, absorb the voices and opinions of each workplace, and reflect employees' views in the promotion of health management. In the same year, we defined what Dexerials wants to be by 2030 and formulated and promoted specific actions (roadmap) to achieve this.

Preventing lifestyle-related disease
Holding a “Health Challenge Log” as a walking event

As a walking event, we have been holding a “Health Challenge Log” twice a year since 2021. In fiscal 2022, we created a new “team award” for departments with a participation rate of 50% or more, and the number of participants approximately doubled, so that departments can participate while sharing the fun and physical changes. In addition to increasing exercise opportunities, the program has also been seen to be having the effect of improving communications within departments.

Preventing lifestyle-related disease
Five-minute RIZAP exercise training video

To help people with different work styles, including remote and shift work, develop an exercise routine at their own pace and without strain, we distributed exercise videos that were viewed 952 times over a three-month period, giving exercise a foothold.

Preventing lifestyle-related disease
KAGOME Veggie Check® and high-veggie meals

In collaboration with the Company’s cafeteria, we offer high-veggie lunch meals and held “KAGOME Veggie Check® (an event to measure the estimated intake of vegetables)”. In fiscal 2021, a total of 390 employees participated in the event. The event helped each employee understand how much vegetables they eat every day and incentivize them to voluntarily and consciously take vegetables that the body needs.

Preventing lifestyle-related disease
Installation of Refreshment Spaces at Each Business Site and Office

At each business site, refreshment spaces have been installed to give employees a relaxing place to relieve the stress of work. Equipment for refreshment and light exercise, including foot massagers and yoga mats, are available at each site.

Mental health care
Seminar for sleep improvement

We have implemented measures to address employees’ mental health issues, including self-care, daily care by line managers, and counseling by industrial healthcare staff. We held the following two seminars themed on sleeping, which is closely related to stress, based on the results of a sleep survey: “Sleeping hours as time for dieting and beauty care” targeting women and “Seminar on sleep improvement for shift workers” targeting shift workers. For both seminars, 90% or more of the participants were highly satisfied, saying “the seminar was quite worthwhile as it gave us instant tips on how to improve the quality of sleep”. We will continue implementing measures themed on topics that are closely related to stress.

Mental health care
Multi-Faceted Approach to Mental Health Care

As mental health measures for employees, we adopt an approach of self-care to properly understand and take action regarding the stress and mental health of each employee, raise awareness about care provided by line managers, including improvements to the workplace environment and responding to consultations from subordinates, and also provide support through counseling with industrial health staff. In recent years, we have also tackled measures that place an emphasis on issues related to remote work.

Mental health care
Mental Health Classes for Managers

All management level employees participate in an annual Mental Health Workshop run by industrial physicians. The workshops cover health-related laws and regulations, safety consideration responsibilities and the role of managerial employees in mental health. In addition, to ensure that not only managerial employees but workplace leaders gain proper knowledge, since fiscal 2019 Dexerials has added a mental health management examination (Type II line care course) to requirements for promotion of middle-rank employees.

Mental health care
Promoting Improving Activities Through Stress Checks

All employees have been undergoing stress checks since fiscal 2016. The checks raise individual employees’ awareness of stress and how to deal with it. Industrial physicians ascertain the results of group analysis through the health and safety committee, and work in coordination with HR, industrial health staff and workplace superiors to deal with workplaces where issues have been observed, iterating on the PDCA cycle to find solutions.In fiscal 2022, based on the results of stress check group analysis, we held seminars to understand workplace results and formulate improvement plans. Following those seminars, each department created a specific plan for improvement and advances initiatives designed to strengthen the support system and reduce the workload.

Encouraging smoking cessation
Activities for a total ban on smoking in workplaces in Japan

In November 2022, the top message was delivered for a total smoking ban in domestic workplaces in fiscal 2024. Starting with a weekly smoke-free day, we are gradually increasing the number of smoke-free days and hours and reducing the number of outdoor smoking areas. As part of our anti-smoking support activities, we have been providing full subsidies to users of our smoking cessation program since fiscal 2018, and more than 80% of participants have quit smoking. Through these company-wide efforts, the percentage of employees who smoke has improved from 32.4% in fiscal 2013 to 24.6% in fiscal 2022.

Health care of middle-aged and
elderly people
Seminar on "Locomotive Syndrome Prevention" for all ages

Every year, we hold the "Health Challenge Log" as a walking event to raise awareness of exercise habits and lifestyle improvement, in which participants compete for the number of steps they take in a month. In fiscal 2022, we held a seminar to promote physical fitness and have fun with exercise for middle-aged and older people who lack exercise and need exercise due to telecommuting and the COVID-19 disaster.
Participants learned tips that can be easily incorporated into their daily lives, including a locomotive check.

Ensuring compatibility of
medical treatment and work
Establishment of "Outside Counseling Rooms" where various consultations are available

From fiscal 2021, we have set up counseling rooms outside the company where employees can consult with a clinical psychologist by phone or in person free of charge throughout Japan. We are promoting the “four types of care (self-care, line care, care by workplace health staff, and care by resources outside the workplace)” as specified by the Ministry of Health, Labor, and Welfare.