Relationships with Society

Contribution to Local Communities

Environmental Protection

Activities to restore the greenery in Ashio

Since 2009, we have supported NPO Grow Green in Ashio in their initiative to plant one million trees in the mountains of Ashio. As a member of the NPO, we have assisted afforestation through nurturing saplings, planting, weeding, thinning, and so on. Restoration work of the Ashio forest has been ongoing for approximately 100 years; however, only a small area has yet been rejuvenated. Continuous efforts by many people are needed in order to restore this forest. Dexerials is providing support for these activities from various angles, including not only tree-planting activities but also the provision of fallen leaves to create good soil as well as event support. Dexerials employees visited Ashio copper mine in order to see and understand the serious damage caused by pollution. We believe this was an important opportunity for us to learn about the social responsibility in the company’s activities. We will continue to proactively work on environmental conservation activities alongside employees.

New employee environmental study and training
Spring Ashio Tree-Planting Day

Protecting the environment of Watarase Reservoir

Since 2017, Dexerials has been a registered corporate member of Watarase Knights Club, which is organized by Tochigi City for nature conservation. We have been participating in and extending cooperation for activities to protect biodiversity and natural environments while maintaining bountiful ecosystems of Watarase Reservoir, which is registered as a Ramsar Convention wetland.

Scenes of an activity
Watarase Reservoir

Flower-planting campaign

At Dexerials Precision Components Corporation, we plant seasonal flowers in the factory to raise environmental awareness among employees and customers.
We purchase flower seedlings that are grown at a local facility for the physically disabled, thereby contributing to the activities of the physically disabled.

Dexerials Precision Components Corporation

Cleanup Activities in Local Communities

Tochigi Citizens Environmental Improvement Movement

At the Headquarters and Tochigi Technology Center, we participated in the Tochigi City-organized “Tochigi Citizens Environmental Improvement Movement” where volunteers including Dexerials officers collected garbage from roads around the plant and along paths running alongside National Route 4.

Cleanup activities in Tochigi
Cleanup activities in Tochigi

Miyagi Smile Road Program

Dexerials Precision Components Corporation participates in the "Miyagi Smile Road Program" to perform environmental improvement activities such as weeding and cleaning. As part of these activities, we conducts weeding and picking up trash on the prefectural road in front of our plant.

Cleanup activities in Dexerials Precision Components Corporation
Cleanup activities in Dexerials Precision Components Corporation

Participation in the Local Community

Tome City Industry Festival

Dexerials Precision Components Corporation exhibits at the Tome City Industry Festival. We hold panels introducing our products and technology to explain the details of our business to people in the community. We also set up the interactive corner where visitors can experience the manufacturing experience for, children and adults alike to enjoy.
The event is a huge success every year, with the goal of making it “safe, easy and fun.”

Youth Development / Crime Prevention Activities

Dexerials Kanuma Plant is conducting initiatives such as health development activities for youth, and education for the elderly to prevent harm due to fraud, in conjunction with the Kanuma Workplace Police Liaison Committee. In fiscal 2023, we participated in the Kanuma Urban Area Patrol, and conducted crime prevention patrols and distributed crime prevention flyers at the Kanuma Autumn Festival.

Participation in traffic safety guidance on the street

Promoting Sports

Supporting Utsunomiya Blitzen

Since 2015, we have been working with Utsunomiya Blitzen, a community-based professional cycling road race team in Tochigi Prefecture, to revitalize the region through sports.
We supported the holding of the Watarase Criterium* at Tochigi's Watarase Cycle Park, a full-scale race that is easy to participate in and a place for local residents to relax. In addition, we also supported the traffic safety awareness activities on the street, and the bicycle safety classes for children.

  • *Criterium: A race in which rankings are determined by completing a set number of laps over a short section
  • Cycling School
    Utsunomiya Blitzen

    Dexerials Cup Miyagi Prefecture Champions Cup U-12 Tournament

    We have been sponsoring this tournament in Sendai, where the Tagajo Plant is located, which is organized by Miyagi Football Association since 2013 with the aim of contributing to the local community through sports promotion and youth development.
    In fiscal 2022, we also held a women’s category for the first time to create more opportunities for women to play active roles. We received many comments from the captains of the participating teams, such as, “I'm very happy that the tournament was held at a time when there are so few tournaments for women. The team members are also happy.”
    Dexerials looks forward to continuing this in the future to bring smiles to as many children's faces as possible.

    Miyagi Championship Cup U-12
    Soccer match

    Donations and Contributions


    The TABLE FOR TWO program (referred to hereafter as TFT) is a program which crosses time and space to share a meal between participants in developed countries and children in developing countries. When employees choose healthy TFT menus in the company cafeterias, 20 Japanese yen, which is equivalent to the cost of one school meal in a developing country, is donated for every meal purchased to support school meals for children in need. The TFT program allows employees to pay attention to their own health and engage in social contribution easily, while also providing opportunities for children in developing countries to go to school for lunch where they will also receive an education.
    In fiscal 2022, we donated 99,280yen, which is equivalent to 4,964 school meals for children in need.

    Healthy Menu
    Photo by:TABLE FOR TWO

    Blood-donation activity

    We hold blood donation drives twice a year at the Headquarters and Tochigi Technology Center, and many of our employees participate in the drives. We will continue to promote blood donation as a familiar volunteer activity.

    Activities at Overseas Group Companies

    Recycling activities

    Dexerials Hong Kong Limited

    Each year, Dexerials Hong Kong Limited collects clothing, shoes, bags, etc. that are no longer used by its employees and donates them to The Salvation Army Hong Kong and Macau, a non-governmental organization in Hong Kong engaged in social services.

    Dexerials Korea Corporation

    We collect unwanted clothes, shoes, appliances, etc. from our employees and sell them to volunteer organizations and donate the proceeds. At the volunteer organizations to which we sell the items, people with disabilities participate in the process of refurbishing the purchased items, thereby contributing to the creation of jobs for people with disabilities in addition to recycling the items and donating the proceeds.

    Activities by Dexerials Hong Kong Limited
    Activities by Dexerials Korea Corporation
    Dexerials(Shanghai) Corporation/Dexerials (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.

    The Shanghai and Suzhou offices are working together to collect used clothing, bags, shoes, stuffed animals, and other items and donating them within China and to developing countries. In fiscal 2022, we donated 264kg of them in total.


    Dexerials Hong Kong Limited

    Dexerials Hong Kong Limited participates in “Skip Lunch Day,” an initiative to donate the cost of a lunch to support communities with poor living conditions.
    Dexerials Hong Kong also participates in “Love Teeth Day,” an initiative organized by the Community Chest Hong Kong, in order to raise employees’ health awareness while collecting donations to support dental care for those in poverty.

    Participation in Skip Lunch Day
    Participation in Love Teeth Day

    Local cleanup activities

    Dexerials (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.

    Dexerials (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. has continuously engaged in community cleanup activities in areas such as Wangshan and Tianpingshan located in the suburbs of Suzhou.

    Cleanup activities in Dexerials (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.
    Dexerials (Shanghai) Corporation

    Employees participate in picking up plastic trash as an environmental protection activity.

    Cleanup activities in Dexerials (Shanghai) Corporation