Relationships with Society

Initiatives for Respecting Human Rights

Based on the belief that respect for human rights is essential for the Company to fulfill its social responsibilities, we are thoroughly implementing initiatives on a global basis and striving to conduct management that takes human rights into consideration.

Approach and Basic Policies Regarding Human Rights

Human rights are defined as “rights that are recognized for humans to live as human being,” they are rights that everyone is born with, that cannot be violated by anyone, and that should be respected.
As befits an enterprise operating globally, the Dexerials Group sets :respect for “human rights” in its CSR Policy and Compliance Handbook and declares that it respects all human rights and does not discriminate or carry out forced labor or child labor. Moreover, the Dexerials Group Code of Conduct expressly prohibits any discrimination in employment or promotion on the basis of ethnicity, religion, skin color, nationality, age, gender, disabilities, or any other factor that has no legitimate business reason, and expressly prohibits behavior that offends individuals’ dignity based on gender, authority, position, etc. Through training and distributing the Compliance Handbook at the time employees join the Company, we work to promote understanding so that all employees act with an awareness of the Code of Conduct in the course of their daily work.
At a time when the promotion of diversity and inclusion is expected of us, in aiming to build a corporate culture in which all stakeholders are respected and respect is given to diverse backgrounds and opinions, we also believe that educational activities to promote respect for human rights are essential to fulfilling our social responsibilities as a company.
Through human rights education, each and every employee will be aware that resolving all human rights issues remains a corporate social responsibility, and we will work so that the human rights of everyone involved in our business activities can be respected.

Respect for Human Rights-related Initiatives

Based on our approach and basic policy with regard to human rights, we conduct awareness-raising education, mainly through e-learning, every year.

Production of Human Rights Awareness Video and Education

Based on the recognition that respect for human rights is essential to contributing to the realization of societies that “leave no one behind,” as adopted in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), we produced a human rights video and conducted e-learning for all employees.
Having declared that understanding and accepting the “differences” of each person is the most important aspect of respecting human rights, this provided an opportunity to go back to basics and think about human rights.

Human Rights Awareness Video Image

Implement of Psychological Safety Course

We believe that maintaining a healthy, safe, and productive work environment and building relationships of trust between superiors, subordinates, and colleagues are essential to respecting human rights and preventing discrimination and harassment.
Based on the idea that open communication with each other on a daily basis is essential as a means of building relationships of trust, we focused on psychological safety*, conducted training to deepen understanding of communication that can build relationships of trust, and promoted its implementation in daily life (Training participation rate: 96.9%).

  • * Psychological safety: An environment in which people can be their natural selves even within an organization or group. Psychological safety in business refers to a “work environment where everyone can speak and act with peace of mind,” and research findings have shown that increasing psychological safety can be expected to improve team and organizational productivity.

Harassment Prevention Education

In fiscal 2023, we conducted in-person harassment prevention training based on recent cases and trends for the management of all Group companies, with the aim of “improving the workplace environment where harassment does not occur, is not condoned, and can be self-purification function works” so that everyone can work with peace of mind.

Compliance Hotline

Dexerials has established an internal reporting system. If you become aware of a violation or potential violation of the Dexerials Group Code of Conduct, or if you have any concerns that you can not handle within your workplace, you can contact the internal or external reporting desk anonymously at any time. No employee will be retaliated against for raising a concern and the whistleblower will be protected. We also have a harassment helpline and a women-only helpline.
Starting in fiscal 2022, we opened external points of contact that can accept reports not only in Japanese but also in English, Chinese, and Korean. We thereby strengthened the infrastructure so that all the people working in the Group can use the whistleblowing system with greater peace of mind.