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Human resource development

At Dexerials, we have established a basic policy for human resource development in order to realize the Corporate Philosophy, “Integrity Have Integrity and Sincerity,” and the Corporate Vision, “Value Matters Unprecedented innovation, unprecedented value.”
We require our employees to be able to work independently and, by providing support for this, we demonstrate our philosophy of mutual growth of both the company and our employees.

Dexerials’ basic policy for human resource development

  • We believe that the development of each and every employee is to be most important.
  • We want employees to continue developing by learning for themselves, thinking for themselves, and acting for themselves.
  • We conduct activities to support employee career development.

Career Support

To support employees in acquiring expertise and becoming professionals that can create new value, we have introduced a “job family-job category” system. In order to enhance career development in each job family, employees are assigned to one of four job families: manufacturing group, technology and development group, sales group, and planning and management group. In each job family there is a human resource development manager, and various types of support are provided, including planning and implementing training to enhance a specialty, and career interviews so that employees can take the lead in forming their own careers. In the first year of employment, senior employees (tutors) conduct follow-ups with new employees, and then career design training is undertaken every year. Career support activities are therefore provided for employees at every stage.

Training system

We work to develop personnel who can take on responsibilities in the future, by providing diverse training programs that create an environment where individuals can demonstrate their capabilities. In addition to business skills training and stratified education program (training), we provide training and self-development programs for employees to acquire the knowledge and skills required in each job family. Meanwhile, preventing harassment and ensuring compliance are among the subjects of various e-learning programs that Dexerials offers year-round. Going forward, we are committed to cultivating human resources that will carry the next generation, aiming to strengthen global human resources and technology development and enhance our organizational capabilities.

Dexerials Education and training system
  • *1 Dexerials Business Leadership Program
  • *2 Half the expenses issubsidized by Dexerials in supportof self-developmentlearning.

Development throughout the work period

At Dexerials, throughout the career period, we provide diverse training programs and engage in human resource development. In terms of stratified education programs (training), we conduct training in line with the career stage of employees by providing training three years after joining the company, and for promoted employees and managers.

Training three years after joining the company

With the objective of immediate independence and active use of abilities inside and outside the company, we conduct training when joining the company and follow-up training six months afterwards. The content of this training forms the basis of being a member of society and supports an attitude and development toward independent learning. Furthermore, three years after joining the company, we support development and ability development for young people by providing training to learn to work independently and to develop junior employees.

Training for promoted employees (developmental training)

We provide training for employees not only to take on their roles and to have the abilities for business execution that are required when being promoted, but also for development, by widening perspectives toward managerial positions and promoting self-study.

Management training (developmental training)

Human resources development is positioned as an important role for management alongside management of the organization and project teams, and we are conducting training in order to endow the necessary abilities and skills.

Specialist education/training for each job family

For each job family (manufacturing group, technology and development group, sales group, and planning and management group), we provide training specific to job specialization and increased skill levels. For example, in the technology and development group job family, we conduct technical training that provides a cross-sectional study of Dexerials products and technology with an awareness toward building networks among technicians.


Positive action for the appointment and development of female employees

Our female employees account for around 19% of all staff, and as of April 2020, their average length of service was 20 years and 2 months, against 19 years and 4 months for males, indicating that female employees also pursue longterm careers. Since 2014, we have held lectures for managerial staff on promoting active female participation and work-life balance. Combined with in-house awareness-raising activities, strict enforcement of “Leaving work on time” and other initiatives, this is designed to promote workstyles that make efficient use of regular work hours and support employees combining work with childcare. We have also made a declaration of support for the success of women based on the Positive Action promoted by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare.

the Positive Action promoted by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare.

Childcare Support

We have put in place a system to support a successful combination of work and family life that exceeds legal requirements in terms of childcare leave and other benefits. We have introduced systems of flexible working hours and shorter working hours for childcare so that both men and women can work flexibly.
In regard to child-rearing support leave, employees can take up to 20 days of paid leave when their spouse gives birth or for childcare, and thus this system encourages active participation of male employees in childcare.
Meanwhile, we have set up a program named “wiwiw” to support a successful combination of work and family life for employees on childcare leave, and such employees can use this system to continue to access internal information, improve their knowledge, and communicate with superiors while remaining at home. For instance, the system enables e-learning courses to be taken by one's own device like PC and smartphone, and enables connection to the company intranet.
For these initiatives, Dexerials has received the “Kurumin certification” in 2009, and moreover we have just received "Platinum Kurumin Certification" in August 2020 as a company that supports child-rearing from the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare. In addition, we are certified as a “Kanuma Company that Supports Childcare” from Kanuma city in Tochigi. We have also announced initiatives for the “Tochigi Declaration for Good Work and Good Families” promoted by Tochigi Prefecture in support of work and home compatibility.

[“Kurumin”, “Platinum Kurumin” certification as a company that supports child-rearing]

Dexerials has achieved the content of the General Business Owner Action Plan devised by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, based on the Act on Advancement of Measures to Support Raising Next-Generation Children, and received the certification mark as a workplace that supports child-rearing (public nickname “Kurumin”) on August 20, 2009.
In addition, we have just received the "Platinum Kurumin" certification on August 18, 2020, which is certified as a excellent company that provides support to employees with raising children by taking higher-level efforts among Kurumin-certified companies.

[Certification as a Kanuma Company that Supports Childcare]

Dexerials’ Kanuma Plant have received certification as a “Kanuma Company that Supports Childcare.” This certification recognizes companies in Kanuma City, Tochigi Prefecture, that actively engage in supporting a balance between work and childcare.
Kanuma Company that Supports Childcare - Dexerials Corporation (Kanuma Plant)

[Tochigi Declaration for Good Work and Good Families]

At the Tochigi Plant, which is located within Tochigi Prefecture, we have signed the “Tochigi Declaration for Good Work and Good Families,” which relates to achieving a work-life balance and supporting women’s participation in the workplace, in order to improve the work environment for employees.
“Tochigi Declaration for Good Work and Good Families” example: Dexerials Corporation Tochigi Plant

[Childcare support program]
Name of program Outline of program
Periodic medical examinations of pregnant women Medical examinations during pregnancy and for one year after giving birth are treated as working hours for women that fill out an application. (The number of examinations, etc. is the same as the number stipulated by law.)
Maternity leave It is possible to take maternity leave from eight weeks before giving birth through to eight weeks after giving birth.
Childcare support leave 1) If the father of a child does not take childcare leave in the first eight weeks from birth, it is possible to take twenty days of leave from one week before the child’s birth, through to April 15 in the fiscal year after the child reaches the age of one or the end of the month in which the child reaches the age of one year and two months, whichever is the later date.
2) It is possible to for mothers to take childcare support leave if they do not take childcare leave at the end of maternity leave.
Notification of birth The time taken to submit the notification of birth is treated as being work hours.
Childcare time Female staff members that are raising a child within one year of birth are able to take one hour of childcare time twice daily.
Childcare leave It is possible for both male and female staff members to take leave to fully engage in childcare until April 15 in the fiscal year after the child reaches the age of one or the end of the month in which the child reaches the age of one year and two months, whichever is the later date.
If it is deemed that leave is necessary for extraordinary reasons, it is possible to progressively extend to the end of the month in which the child reaches the age of one year and six months, and then to the end of the month in which the child reaches the age of two years.
Shorter working hours for childcare If staff members apply for shorter working hours in order to engage in childcare, it is possible to shorten work hours to six or seven hours per day.
Exemption from unscheduled work This applies to staff members who are raising children under the age of three.
Limit on out of hours work and exemption from late-night work This applies to staff members that are raising pre-school children or providing nursing care for a relative.
Limit on out of hours work: 24 hours/month, 150 hours/year
Exemption from late-night work: From 10:00 pm to 5:00 am
Leave to care for ill or injured children Up to twelve days of leave may be taken in order to care for ill or injured pre-school children.
Accumulated leave
(Pregnancy, birth, caring for children, fertility treatment, and nursing care)
It is possible to use accumulated paid annual leave* to cover feeling unwell during pregnancy, children’s vaccinations, and caring for ill or injured children.
*The amount of annual leave that would otherwise expire.

This content is correct as of January 2019.

Nursing care

In view of the fact that the number of people who will require nursing care will increase in society in the future, Dexerials is supporting the compatibility of work and nursing care for its employees. Dexerials is creating a workplace that enables proactive career continuation by providing nursing care support systems that go beyond what is legally required, such as a shorter working hours system and a system of one-year’s leave, so that employees can fully demonstrate their talents even when they are facing problems.

System for the planned acquisition and accumulation of annual paid leave

We are aware of the need to achieve a work-life balance, and we have created a policy to promote planned taking of annual leave, and help employees feel refreshed while ensuring appropriate working hours.
Employees can plan to acquire leave that suits their lifestyles and can be refreshed by taking days of accrued leave. Also, we have established a system to allow the accumulation of annual paid leave that employees were not able to take during the year, so that employees can take accumulated leave for unexpected situations and when consecutive leave is necessary, such as illness, nursing care, volunteer activities, nursing children, and infertility treatment.

Encouraging remote work

We have been establishing an environment where each employee is able to select the workstyle that is optimal for them to maximize the value of our employees. As part of this, we are actively promoting remote working. As remote working is one workstyle that contributes to the improvement of productivity by reducing commute time and ensuring time for employees to concentrate while protecting employees from infectious diseases such as COVID-19 and natural disasters, we have established a continuing system for remote working that has been operating since April 2021.
Before the system commenced operation, we took measures to improve business performance such as the provision of remote working management training for all managers, aiming to improve productivity.
In recognition of these activities, we were selected as one of the ”Top Hundred Telework Pioneers” announced by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications in November 2021.

Establishing employees

The ratio of new recruits still in employment three years after joining the company is 92.6%, which is one of the indicators showing employee satisfaction with Dexerials. (25 of 27 new employees from fiscal 2016 were still employed as of April 1, 2019.)

Employment of overseas nationals

We operate a global business, and 60% of the Group's sales are overseas. Even at our Japanese sites, we seek personnel that are able to engage in global business, so we actively seek out foreign nationals. Since 2015, we have hired new graduates throughout the year and going forward, we plan to actively pursue mid-career hiring. We are conducting measures to improve the workplace environment such as providing diversity communication training, and implementing a vegetarian options in the employee canteen in order to achieve job satisfaction for foreign employees.

Activities for veteran employees

Out of consideration for employees who wish to work well beyond retirement age, and also to meet the company’s labor requirements, we revised the system so that all employees so wishing would be employed up to age 65, thus creating a system where staff can be confident of continued employment after retirement age. We are conducting activities that allow people to find a place within the company after retirement where they can continue to work energetically in their senior years, whether by continuing to use their accumulated skills or taking on a new field of activity.

Promoting employment of people with disabilities

We employ people with disabilities in a wide range of areas, from office work through to manufacturing. In workplaces that employ people with hearing impairments, we give consideration to the work environment. For example, bosses and colleagues learn sign language and fingerspelling, and Indicator lights are installed for safety and disaster prevention purposes.
In view of the importance of increasing diversity within the company and proactively fulfilling social responsibilities, Dexerials Kibou Corporation began operating in 2015 as a certified special subsidiary to promote the employment of people with disabilities. Work environments are being prepared so that people with disabilities can work with peace of mind. Currently, Dexerials Kibou currently has 23 employees (of whom 13 have disabilities) working at Dexerials business sites in cleaning, garden management and other business activities. The percentage of employees with disabilities in the Group is 3.4%(On a notification basis as of June 1).

Human rights initiatives

As befits an enterprise operating globally, the Dexerials Group sets “respect for human rights” in its CSR Policy and declares that it respects all human rights and does not discriminate or carry out forced labor or child labor.
Moreover, the Dexerials Group Code of Conduct expressly prohibits any discrimination in employment or promotion based on factors without justifiable reasons with respect to business, such as ethnicity, religion, skin color, nationality, age, gender, and disabilities, and expressly prohibits behavior that offends individuals’ dignity based on gender, authority, position, etc. All employees of Dexerials act with an awareness of the Code of Conduct in the course of their daily work.
The Code of Conduct also sets basic policies for matters concerning the Group’s corporate ethics and business activities, such as product and service safety, environmental conservation, and disclosure of corporate information, in addition to compliance with laws and regulations and respect for human rights. We strive to inculcate the Code of Conduct through training of employees upon joining the Company.

Internal compliance Hotline

Dexerials has set up an internal compliance hotline. When someone becomes aware that a violation of the Dexerials Group Code of Conduct has occurred or may occur, in the case that the employee is concerned about being unable to deal with the situation in their workplace, etc., they can anonymously contact the internal/external point of contact at any time. Providers of information are protected from being treated unfairly as employees after raising an issue. There is also a harassment consultation reception and a female-only consultation reception.

Establish a worker-friendly environment

Dexerials aims to achieve a workplace where employees can work enthusiastically, and we are actively working to provide a full-range of social services providing comprehensive systems such as various types of social insurance, a workers’ property accumulation savings scheme, a shareholding association, and a retirement benefit system, as well as establishing an employees’ association for the purpose of improving the workplace environment.
Furthermore, every year, each business site holds a range of events, such as Satchel Presentation Ceremonies, for the families of employees.

Satchel Presentation Ceremony