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Mainstay Products

Maintaining stable sales through products
with a high global share in niche markets

  • High share in the market of small-to-medium sized displays

    Anisotropic Conductive Film (ACF)
    A film-type adhesive with both conductive and insulating properties used in almost all displays in the world
  • High share in the market of anti-reflection film manufactured by sputtering process

    Anti-reflection Film
    Holds the competitive edge due to low reflectivity, scratch-resistance and stain-resistance, and in addition, its usage in automotive displays is rapidly growing
  • High share in the market of products for laptops

    Self Control Protector (SCP)
    Cuts the circuit’s electricity in the case of overcharging or overcurrent in the lithium-ion battery. Currently expanding its application to such as electric power tools
  • High share in the market of laminates for displays

    Optical elastic resin (SVR)
    Key material in the evolution of displays that enhances visibility and durability, as well as contributes to making products thinner


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