Disclosure Policy

1. Basic Policy

Regarding the disclosure of corporate information, the Dexerials Group shall continuously disclose information in a fair, timely and appropriate manner based on laws and regulations related to disclosures in the Companies Act, the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act, and the Securities Listing Regulations of the Tokyo Stock Exchange (hereafter referred to as “disclosure-related regulations”). Moreover, the Dexerials Group shall endeavor to build an information disclosure system with high levels of transparency and reliability with the aim of improving its corporate value and the equity value.

2. Disclosure Standards and Methods

The Dexerials Group shall disclose information mandated by disclosure-related regulations (“statutory disclosure information” and “timely disclosure of corporate information”) in compliance with the applicable laws and regulations. “Timely disclosure of corporate information” shall be posted on the Dexerials website promptly after disclosure through the Timely Disclosure Network (TDnet) operated by the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
Moreover, information not falling into the above categories, but deemed to have possible impact on the investment decisions of our investors shall be also disclosed on the Dexerials website or by other means.

3. Quiet Periods

To prevent the leakage of financial results and ensure fair disclosure, the Dexerials Group shall observe a “quiet period” for a period of six weeks up to the scheduled date for the publication of financial results. During the quiet period, the Dexerials Group shall refrain from answering inquiries or otherwise commenting on its financial results. However, if an event such as one where the actual financial results is expected to deviate significantly from the published earnings forecast occurs, which is subject to statutory or timely disclosure, the Dexerials Group shall appropriately disclose the relevant information based on disclosure-related laws and regulations, even during a quiet period.

4. Timely Disclosure System

To carry out the timely disclosure appropriately, the Dexerials Group shall establish internal “Timely Disclosure Rules” that shall be applied based on the system detailed below.

  • An officer responsible for the IR Department shall be appointed as the person responsible for timely disclosure (“person responsible for handling information”) as required by the Tokyo Stock Exchange who shall be responsible for the establishment and operation of the timely disclosure system.
  • The IR Department shall oversee matters relating to the timely disclosure of corporate information including the collection and scrutiny of information within the group and disclosure procedures.
  • A disclosure committee has been established comprising the president, the officer responsible for the Finance & Accounting Department and the person responsible for handling information (officer responsible for IR) and said committee shall consider and decide on the need for and details of timely disclosure. Information disclosure of which is determined to be necessary shall be disclosed promptly after procedures such as resolution by the board of directors.
  • In an event of the emergence of facts with a high level of urgency, information shall be disclosed based on decision by the president.

<Timely Disclosure System pertaining to the Publication of matters including Corporate Decisions, Occurrence of Material Facts, and Financial Results>

  • * To prevent situations in which any timely disclosure of corporate information is viewed on the website before publication, the Dexerials Group has introduced “E-IR Library,” a system for the support of posting of timely disclosure of corporate information.