Polyester resin base flame retardant adhesives

For fixing electronic devices, with outstanding electrical properties

  • Product name
    SC608Z2 Series
  • Features
    • An excellent electrical insulator.
    • Highly viscous and thixotropic, the product can be easily applied to a vertical surface without threading that may lead to an untidy appearance.
    • SC608LVZ2 is identical to SC608Z2 except for a lower viscosity.


Product name SC608Z2 SC608LVZ2
Main component Polyester resin base Polyester resin base
Solvent Toluene, MEK Toluene, MEK
Color White White
Viscosity (Pa・s) 50 to 125 7 to 10
Solid content (wt%) 57 to 64 50 to 54
Specific gravity About 1.3 About 1.2
Diluent Toluene, MEK Toluene, MEK
Container 180ml Tube/18kg UN can 180ml Tube/1kg or 18kg UN can
Warranty period from manufacturing date 12 months 180ml Tube : 9 months
1kg or 18kg UN can : 12 months
  • UL certificated. File No.E63260 94 V-0 (t = 2.0 to 2.2mm), File No.E15485 UL746C
    * Temporary standard

Insulation and bonding in electronic component assembly lines
・Fixing diskrete parts onto a PCB
・Fixing lead wires
・Sealing coils
Utilization of insulation performance
・Insulation for prevention of electric shock
・Insulating connectors

* For bonding of difficult materials (such as polyethylene, polypropylene, polycarbonate, or soft PVC), please contact us beforehand.
* For bonding of materials soluble in toluene, MEK (such as polycarbonate, Noryl, ABS or acrylics), please contact us beforehand.

1. Bonding strength on various type of substrate (Shear strength)

Test Piece condition

Sample size:25mm x 150mm
Bonding area:10mm x 25mm
Adhesive thickness:150µm (wet)

[Apply an adhesive to each substrate and dry at 30°C oven for 5 min.
It pastes together that overlap 1cm between two substrates.
After pressure bonding at 0.5MPa at the room temperature for 3 min, dry at 100°C oven for 2 hours.]



Shear strength Substrate Product name
Polystyrene/Polystyrene 103.3
ABS/ABS 131.4
Soft vinyl chloride/Soft vinyl chloride 58.5
Hard vinyl chloride/Hard vinyl chloride 111.3
Polyester/Polyester 105.8
Polycarbonate/Polycarbonate 150.0
Phenol/Phenol 118.7
Glass-epoxy/Glass-epoxy 269.5
Zinc/Zinc 510.0
Copper/Copper 525.6
Iron/Iron 412.4
Aluminum/Aluminum 478.6
Tin/Tin 530.7

2.Electrical property (Dielectric breakdown strength)

Test Piece Condition

Specimen size:wet0.5mm sheet
Measuring condition:23°C±5°C 60%±20%RH

[Drying for 2 hours at 100°C after being left at RT for 72 hours]


AC Voltage applied: Increased in 0.5-kV increments in 30 seconds; the highest voltage that did not induce dielectric breakdown was recorded.
DC Voltage applied: Started at 3 kV; increased in 0.5-kV increments in 30 seconds.

Load condition Voltage applied Product Name
Initial(kV) After aging(kV) Aging condition
100℃ AC 9.5 9.5 500h (100°C, 60°C 90%)
*Cycling test
(-30°C x 3h/100°C x 3h) x 10
60°C 90% 9.5 9.5
Cycling test 9.5 9.5
100℃ DC 10.0 or more 10.0 or more
60°C 90% 10.0 or more 10.0 or more
Cycling test 10.0 or more 10.0 or more

3. Electrical property (Volume resistance)

Test Piece Condition

Specimen size:0.5mm sheet
Measuring condition:23°C±5°C 60%±20%RH
Measuring instrument:Yokogawa HP Co., Ltd. Models 16008A High Resistivity Cell/4329A High Resistance Meter

[Drying for 2 hours at 100°C after being left at RT for 72 hours]



Volume resistance Load condition Product Name
Initial After aging Aging condition
100℃ 1.6 x 1015 2.2 x 1015 5500h(100°C,60°C 90%)
*Cycling test
(-30°C x 3h/100°C x 3h)x10
60°C 90% 1.6 x 1015 1.3 x 1015
Cycling test 1.6 x 1015 4.8 x 1015

4.Electrical property (Insulation resistance voltage)

Test Piece Condition

Specimen size:300µm (wet)
Measuring condition:23°C±5°C 60%±20%RH
Measuring instrument:Yokogawa HP Co., Ltd. Model 4329A High Resistance Meter

[Measured after coating the comb electrode (Conforms to JIS Z 3197) and drying.]

Insulation resistance voltage Load condition Product name
Initial(Ω) After aging(Ω) Aging condition
100°C 2.7 x 1015 1.1 x 1015 500h(100°C, 60°C 90%)
*Cycling test
(-30°C x 3h/100°C x 3h)x10
60°C 90% 2.7 x 1015 0.4 x 1014
Cycling test 2.7 x 1015 4.8 x 1015


Test Piece condition

Substrate:Polycarbonate plate which furnished with AG plating
Specimen size:0.2mm (wet)

[After 200 hours at 100°C aging, (it) measument]


No corrosiveness


Please read notes indicated on the relevant safety data sheet(SDS) for precautions required for operation.


Note on the characteristic data given - Data on the characteristics of the products described in this page based on the results of evaluations carried out by the company. This does not guarantee that the characteristics of the product conform with your usage environment. Before use, review the usage conditions based on evaluation data obtained from the equipment and substrates actually used.