UV- and thermo-curable adhesives

Dual type featuring UV and thermal curing. Camera module parts are temporarily fixed by UV curing and then, after active alignment, fixed by thermal curing of entire area including that unreachable by UV to ensure high-precision fixing.

  • Product name
    SA2300 series
  • Features
    • Parts are temporarily fixed by UV curing and then, after active alignment, including the part that UV light does not reach the entire area can be cured completely by thermal curing to ensure precise fixing.
    • The black resin reduces the permeation of light from outside the housing.


Product name SA2383DB
Resin type Acrylic & Epoxy
UV curing condition (Recommend) *1 UV [mW/cm2] 150
Time[sec.] 6 or more
Thermosetting condition (Recommend) *2 Temperature[℃] 80
Time[min.] 60 or more
Viscosity [mPa・s] *3 40,000
Color Black
Thixotropic index *3 4.2
Hardness *4 D87
Shrinkage by cure [%] *5 4.0
Elastic modulus [MPa] *6 1,100
Tg [°C] *7 100
Keeping temperature [°C] -35 to -15
  • *1 Metal-halide lamp
    *2 Adhesive Temp. after UV curing
    *3 Rheo-meter @25℃
    *4 Durometer (Code D)
    *5 Density meter
    *6 JIS K7197, DMS method:1Hz@25℃
    *7 JIS K7244

Suitable for fixing camera module lens barrel and sensor cases or lens barrel and substrates.


Note on the characteristic data given - Data on the characteristics of the products described in this page based on the results of evaluations carried out by the company. This does not guarantee that the characteristics of the product conform with your usage environment. Before use, review the usage conditions based on evaluation data obtained from the equipment and substrates actually used.