Analysis technology

Dexerials develop and market a wide range of functional materials matched to the needs of our customers, and this is made possible by our analysis laboratory. Our laboratory is equipped with various instruments boasting high sensitivity and high resolution. Engineers using such equipment apply their expert knowledge of many products and development themes. They also conduct optimum pre-conditioning of samples and select the best analytical technique to resolve problems quickly.

In addition, we have a specialized organization which performs simulations of fluids, structures, and optics to optimize process conditions for film layer configuration, material mixing, coating, and crystal growth, to mention a few.
By verifying actual behavior through theoretical approach, this organization offers extensive support for our fundamental development, product development and also for process development.


Strengths of our analysis lab

Professionals with ultimate expertise

Our analysis team belongs to a department which is acting as the nucleus of our company’s research and development activities. Engineers with high levels of expertise and abundant knowledge of products apply optimum methods of analysis to resolve problems.


Working closely with R&D team to provide strong support for problem solving

Various problems arise during development and manufacturing activities every day. Based on information of problems raised, together with R&D engineers concerned, we carefully study processes that can lead to solutions. We use analyzers to identify causes and seek solutions, but listening and exchanging views with R&D engineers on site, is also important.



6 methods for finding clues for problem solving

Advanced equipment and analysis specialists to derive optimal solutions

None of the tasks brought into our analysis team have any easy solutions. Analysis and measurement equipment that fills up the lab all have high sensitivity and resolution backed by the latest technology and can detect the slightest abnormalities and changes. Of course, the engineers who use the equipment are also specialists well versed in the development process & products and have a wealth of knowledge. Using their eyes and fingers to break down problems, engineers employ six methods to derive the optimal solution.

  • 1[異物・表面分析]

    1 [Foreign matter and surface analysis]

    Use light and probes to find out what is happening on surfaces and interfaces.

  • 2[形態観察]

    2 [Observation of Shapes]

    Visualize shapes using various microscopes and investigate causes from such micron sized shapes.

  • 3[有機組成分析]

    3 [Organic composition analysis]

    Identify the chemical structure, analyze and determine the quantities and nature of its constituents.

  • 4[環境規制物質対応]

    4 [Dealing with environmentally-regulated substances]

    Quantify content of environmentally-regulated substances and guarantee it’s quality based on environmental standards.

  • 5[反応率解析]

    5 [Reaction rate analysis]

    Analyze the degree of cure by tracking chemical reactions.

  • 6[無機完全定量]

    6 [Complete inorganic quantification]

    Quantify the types and concentrations of trace elements and ions with extremely high accuracy.

Global support system


  • 1.
    Dexerials Corporation
    Tochigi Technology Center
  • 2.
    Dexerials America Corporation
  • 3.
    Dexerials Europe B.V.
  • 4.
    Dexerials (Shanghai) Corporation
    Engineering Solution Center
  • 5.
    Dexerials Korea Corporation
    Engineering Solution Center

Because many customers are expanding their cutting-edge businesses globally, each region needs to respond quickly to sophisticated problems. To achieve this, Dexerials has established engineering bases in the United States, the Netherlands, China and Korea. These bases provide support to resolve problems speedily. Analysis team in Japan provide assistance for problems that require deeper and more complex analysis.