Single coated tapes

Metal foil type conductive adhesive single coated tapes

For EMI shield and countermeasure against static electricity

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    • The tape thickness, which is as thin as approx. 55 µm, contributes to making products thinner.
    • Black type (delustered) films that mitigate light reflection inside electronic devices are available.
    • Little adhesive is left at rework, contributing to the excellent workability.

Product Lineup



Product name ALB7620
Main component Black conductive acryl
Carrier Black conductive composite film
Color Delustered black
Adhesive thickness(μm) About 55
Release film thickness(μm) 38
Bonding strength(N/25mm) *1 12
St'd size (width & length) 500mm×100m
Electric resistance(mΩ) ≦500
IPA resistance Good (no peeling)
Warranty period from manufacturing date 12 months
  • *1180° peeling strength

Ideal for shielding the interior of mobile device cases such as PCs and mobile phones.

1.The shielding effects and properties

Test Piece Condition

Shielding effects of the product under a magnetic or electric field were measured using a device for measuring electromagnetic wave shielding effect (the KEC method).



The shielding effects Product name Measuring method Frequency
30MHz 100MHz 300MHz
ALB7620 Under an electric field 74 88 96
Under a magnetic field 51 65 84


Note on the characteristic data given - Data on the characteristics of the products described in this page based on the results of evaluations carried out by the company. This does not guarantee that the characteristics of the product conform with your usage environment. Before use, review the usage conditions based on evaluation data obtained from the equipment and substrates actually used.

Product Lineup