Sustainability Management


Dexerials Group CSR Policy

Dexerials Group will contribute to the realization of a sustainable society and aiming to improving corporate value by means of open and highly-transparent business management and the tireless development and provision of technology and products toward the realization of the Corporate Philosophy “Integrity” and the Corporate Vision “Value Matters.”

  • 1.Creating value through business
    We are promoting the development of new products and new technology development that responds to various social issues by means of the ultimate demonstration and improvement of the technology and know-how acquired by Dexerials through our business. Also, with pride in our great technological strength, we are striving to create value that goes beyond what is required of us from society and our customers.
  • 2.Thorough compliance
    We are complying with social norms including laws, and we are sincerely and honestly promoting fair business. Also, we are protecting the Company’s assets and values by thoroughly managing the information required for business and corporate management.
  • 3.Respect for human rights
    We respect all human rights and we do not discriminate or carry out forced labor or child labor.
  • 4.Creating a lively workplace
    We are creating a fair workplace with meaningful work, promoting dialogs with employees, and preparing and supporting environments required for all employees to independently demonstrate their abilities and grow. Also, we are promoting initiatives for active female participation and expanding opportunities for the active participation of people with disabilities.
  • 5.Environmental conservation
    We are conducting the proper management of chemical substances as we endeavor to reduce the environmental burden from our business activities, including global warming countermeasures. Also, we are contributing to solving environmental issues by developing environmentally-conscious products and promoting environmentally-consciousness in business.
  • 6.Creating safe and healthy workplaces
    We conduct activities to promote the active use and health of employees by preparing environments in which all employees can continue to work safely.
  • 7.Contribution to local communities
    We contribute to local communities as a good corporate citizen. We encourage communication with local areas, promoting activities and supporting initiatives related to the environment, sports, cultural activities and so on, mainly in the areas where plants are located.
  • 8.Expanding together with suppliers
    We strive to conduct activities that contribute to our social responsibility in the entire supply and procurement value chain as we share CSR initiatives with all suppliers.