Sustainability Management

Accelerating Change Through Digital Transformation (DX)

Dexerials aspires to data-driven management that will accelerate its internal digital change and leverage data, as well as the creation of new businesses that will provide new added value to customers by making use of digitalization.

Basic Approach to DX Strategy

Basic Policy for DX

All employees will utilize digital technology and data to change their own work and business to create products and services that have never existed before, and take on the challenge of solving social issues through the evolution of digital technology.

We are driving digital transformation with a basic DX policy, and a dedicated DX Department that addresses company-wide direction, digital governance, and internal collaboration.
First, as part of the Company's internal digital transformation, each division will proceed with standardization and digitization of their own operations and processes to realize improved efficiency and acceleration of operations. Next, we will utilize big data and AI to achieve data-driven management that enables company-wide, data-driven decision making, leading to stronger corporate competitiveness. Ultimately, we aim to contribute to the realization of “Society 5.0” and the resolution of societal issues through the creation of new value-added services, such as the instant and accurate provision of personalized services by utilizing AI and other technologies based on the digitalization and accumulation of data on customers' needs.

DX Initiatives

Increased value provided to the customer

We have built an integrated platform that links and manages information throughout the supply chain, from sales activities to orders, development, production, and shipping. We share necessary information in real time, shorten lead times, and improve customer satisfaction by providing timely follow-up in collaboration with engineers.
In addition, we aim to contribute to strengthening our competitiveness by centralizing information to speed up data-driven decision making.
We have established metrics to drive our DX strategy, and we measure progress through regular assessments and provide feedback as we move forward.

Utilizing the latest digital tools

Digital technologies as generative AI are advancing rapidly, creating a large digital divide in the ability to effectively utilize these technologies.
Currently, we aim to build a system that combines and maximizes the use of internal and external information, by searching for information, including internal data, in an interactive format, summarizing and creating text. In addition to utilizing SaaS specialized for each function to revamp legacy systems, we have also started in-house production of business applications using low-code tools, and are currently contributing to the structuring and quality improvement of data in more than 150 operations.
We are always aware of changes in the world and proactively use and adapt our work to new technologies to improve efficiency and competitiveness.

Development of DX human resources

We believe that further improvement of internal digital literacy, including reskilling, is essential for DX to permeate the organizational culture and be promoted on a continual basis.
Therefore, we have defined the seven DX human resources that will be required in the company in the future and opened a training program “D-academy” that can systematically improve them. We are actively working to improve human resources for all employees. (as of August 31, 2023: a total of 1,745 people participated).
In addition, by systematically assigning the human resources we have improved to each organization as DX promoters and creating an environment in which each organization can take the initiative, we will build a system that can respond quickly to changes by utilizing digital technology.