Optical devices

Inorganic diffuser

Inorganic diffuser, comprising a finely formed lens microstructure, that spreads light from a point light source into a planar beam

  • Product name
    Inorganic diffuser
  • Features
    • It consists of only inorganic materials, providing outstanding thermal resistance and light stability.
    • Suitable for converting a point light source with a high energy density to an ideal planar light source.
    • Our lens design and manufacturing techniques offer customized diffusion angles.



Product name Inorganic diffuser
Diffusion angle (Full width at half maximum) 2° to 9°
Control accuracy of diffusion angle Within ± 0.7°
Transmittance ≧ 96%
Maximum dimensions(mm) 40×50
Substrate Synthetic quartz glass

Suitable for display devices such as projectors and head-up displays

Diffusion performance X-axis: intensity



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