Open Innovation


Technology which can be provided

Number Title
N113 Imprint master and imprinted film
Type of collaboration


Design of nano- to micrometer- scale fine structures and design of a master for imprinting


Support flowchart

1. Meeting: Checking requests and support work
2. Agreement on the design concept
3. Design
4. Follow-up

Basic information* on designing the master roll

Whole roll width (excluding the shaft)

For fine structures with a size of 100 nanometers to several dozen micrometers: 〜 500mm
For fine structures with a size of several micrometers or larger: ~1600mm
Examples of imprinted structures
s113_Examples of imprint structures

Other information

・Cautions and restrictions on designs may vary according to the used processes and the target functions. For inquires on them, contact us first.

・We will check details in the course of the design support.