Links to This Web Site

Individuals and organizations are requested to follow the Conditions below when linking to the Web Site of Dexerials Corporation ("Dexerials hereinafter).


  • (1)
    Dexerials would not be responsible for any loss or damage resulting from links to this Web Site.
  • (2)
    The structure and content of this Web Site, including product information, may be changed or deleted without prior notice.
  • (3)
    We cannot accept links which:
    • make use of our logo, images or illustrations (of products, people or other), in whole or in part, included in this Web Site; or
    • show information in this Web Site as integrated into another page, e.g. by the use of inline frames.
  • (4)
    We cannot accept links with any Web Site which:
    • may defame any third party, Dexerials or its affiliates, or infringe any right of theirs;
    • may lead to false impression that the site owner is in cooperation or any other form of association with Dexerials or its affiliates; or
    • may damage the reputation or credibility of Dexerials or any of its affiliates.
    • may disturb public order.
  • (5)
    Upon finding any link falling under the above items (3) and/or (4), or any other link that Dexerials deems inappropriate, Dexerials will ask the operator of the relevant Web Site to delete the link. The operator shall be subject to such order.