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Resolving social issues
and realizing sustainable development
through CSR linked to business strategies

Yoshihisa Shinya
Representative Director and President
Yoshihisa Shinya

The current business environment in which we operate is characterized by uncertainties reflecting the dynamic change of the era, making it difficult to forecast what lies ahead. In these circumstances Dexerials aspires to be an enterprise that achieves growth by creating and offering products and services that resolve social issues. In this regard, I recognize that my mission as President is to seek sustainable growth and enhancement of our corporate value accordingly.
ESG management, emphasizing the perspectives of the environment, society, and governance, and promoting initiatives corresponding to those perspectives, should not be considered separately from the business strategy. Rather, linkage of ESG management directly with business is a precondition for sustainable growth.
Being mindful of various social issues, we will work to create and offer unprecedented value to resolve issues and achieve sustainable growth of Dexerials. This stance is articulated in our corporate vision “Value Matters—Unprecedented innovation, unprecedented value.”
To grow as a company, we must conduct business in accordance with a variety of social rules, as a good corporate citizen. Over and above ensuring compliance, it is incumbent on us to make decisions and take actions based on our social responsibility and ethics. These ideals are reflected in our corporate philosophy, “Integrity–Have Integrity and Sincerity.” Inculcating the corporate philosophy in the hearts of all employees of the Group so that it always shapes their decisions and actions will lead to the enhancement of corporate governance and the achievement of sustainable growth.

Going forward, the rise of AI and robotics means that those attributes that make us humans special, particularly our ability to create new value, will be in greater demand than ever before. Through human resource development, Dexerials is committed to creating value attuned to the needs in society and thus maximizing our contribution to society.

In this way, we wish to achieve growth with our stakeholders and illuminate the path to a mutually prosperous future.