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Contributing to resolving social issues
and realizing a sustainable society by
empowering the evolution of digital
technology that realizes “societal

Yoshihisa Shinya
Representative Director and President
Yoshihisa Shinya

Numerous social issues are emerging, with climate change, changes in global demographics, the effects of pandemics and geopolitical risks, among others, becoming intertwined in ways that are intricate and ambiguous. In addition, given that efforts to solve these problems and advances in technology are simultaneously progressing, society as a whole and the business environment surrounding Dexerials Group are undergoing rapid change, and we often hear the term “VUCA* era.” However, while no one can accurately predict the future, there is an urgent need for efforts to realize a sustainable society, such as decarbonization and efficient use of resources.

The Group believes that one of the keys to making social affluence sustainable is the evolution of digital technology.
Even though we cannot completely foresee the future, it is likely from a long-term perspective that efforts to improve the efficiency of society as a whole and realize a sustainable society will progress. These efforts include evolutions in digital technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT) and next-generation communications that will lead to a “reduction in traffic congestion using its prediction by big data analytics” and a “reduction in food loss using just-in-time methods,” for example.

The Group aims to synchronize the essential “social value” and “economic value” required in social changes by the SDGs and the Paris Agreement through its business of creating materials, devices and solutions that are indispensable for the evolution of digital technology, which is the foundation for realizing societal efficiency.

To achieve this goal, it is essential to strengthen the business model, which is the Group’s strength, and expand the business portfolio. To this end, the Group will strengthen its “technological capabilities,” which combine diverse technologies, to develop products and solutions that have never existed before, its “intellectual property capabilities,” which strategically utilize intellectual property, and its “human resources,” who are proficient in using them. In addition, the Group will advance efforts to utilize digital transformation (DX) and address ESG issues.

Dexerials will continue to engage in dialogue with its diverse stakeholders and take on challenges for sustainable growth and enhanced corporate value.

  • *VUCA : an acronym that stands for volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity