Test Data

Peeling strength test (180°)

Vertical tensile strength test

Push out test

Holding power test

Heat resistance VHT test

It is one of the methods of measuring the static load characteristic of the adhesive tape. Place the test piece on the stand for fixation with substrate(2) facing downward. Put a weight on substrate(2) and leave the test piece in high temperature and high humidity environment. Observe dropping of substrate(2).

Impact force resistant test (Erichsen type impact force measurement test)

Measurement method of surface resistance

Resistance measurement method

Peeling strength of release paper test

T-type peeling strength test

Peeling strength test (90°)

Shear strength test

Cleavage strength test

Stable weight peeling test

Curved surface bending test

Drop test (1)

Drop test (2)

Measurement method of dielectric breakdown voltage and withstand voltage

Rebounding proof test

Ball tack test

Thermal property test (1)

Thermal property test (2)

Mandrel bending test

Steel wool abrasion test

Water proof test

Measurement method of polarized light transmittance in Cross Nicole

Upward reflection test

Dewatering test

Adhesion test