Notice of Introduction of a Job-Type Personnel System



Dexerials Corporation, (Headquarters: Shimotsuke-shi, Tochigi; Representative Director and President: Yoshihisa Shinya; hereinafter “Dexerials”), which provides leading-edge technologies, materials, and devices for smartphones, automobiles, and other products, announced today the introduction of a new job-type personnel system to achieve sustainable growth and raise corporate value. The new personnel system will be introduced for management level employees in Japan, as of April 1, 2023.

Purpose of introducing a job-type personnel system

―A new personnel system will be introduced to achieve the company’s human resources strategy (talent development / training, recruitment, and assignment) for sustainable growth and new value creation.

  • Dexerials will support its growth strategy by maximizing the potential of its human resources, which are its greatest business resource and source of value creation, to achieve sustainable growth and raise corporate value.
  • Dexerials will make it clear that Dexerials and its talent are equal partners, and aim to build a relationship for mutual selection and growth.
  • By introducing a job-type personnel system, which is a global standard, Dexerials will aim to secure excellent and motivated human resources, both in Japan and overseas.
  • Dexerials will seek to further strengthen creativity and productivity under the permanent remote work system* by clarifying the duties and evaluation criteria for each job.
Outline of the job-type personnel system
  • The system will be used to design the kind of organization required to realize Dexerials’ growth strategy, define the duties (job description) and level of responsibility (job grade) for each job, and allocate human resources for each role.
  • Dexerials will change the method for setting the base amount of compensation, from the conventional method—based on human resource characteristics such as ability and years of experience—to a method based on the level of responsibility (job grade) of the job to which each employee is assigned.
  • Evaluations will be conducted and actual amounts of compensation will be determined based on achievements for each job and performance competencies following the Action Guidelines Expected of Dexerials Employees.
  • The standard compensation amount for each job grade will be benchmarked against market levels, and set with a view to enhancing the recruiting competitiveness. Dexerials will also provide a stock-based compensation system, separate from the standard monetary compensation system with the aim of motivating a sense with regard to Dexerials’ growth from a medium-term perspective.
Timing of introduction and target personnel

The new system will be introduced for management level employees at Dexerials Corporation (Japan) as of April 1, 2023.

  • * In April 2021, Dexerials introduced a permanent remote work system that allows employees at all business sites in Japan to work from home up to four days a week, with the aim of improving productivity, combatting infectious diseases, and responding to natural disasters.