Kyoto Semiconductor Announces the New Leadership Team



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On March 24th, 2022, Yoshihisa Shinya is newly appointed to President and CEO of Kyoto Semiconductor in the board meeting as Tsuneo Takahashi retires. The new leadership team is also appointed in accordance to the change in President and CEO.

1) New Leadership Team
President and CEO Yoshihisa Shinya
Board Member Naohiro Yokogawa
Board Member Hisaya Tamura
Board Member Kazuya Hayashibe
Board Member Shigeo Kawakami
Board Member Tatsuo Otani (to be appointed on 1st April 2022)
Standing Statutory Auditor Kazuhiro Yasuda
Auditor Masato Taniguchi
Independent Auditor Masato Terada
Independent Auditor Hiroaki Nomura

Vice President Koichi Yoneda
Vice President Hironori Honda
Vice President Masaaki Kinoshita
Vice President Daiki Ueto
Vice President Naoko Kodama

2) Retirement of board members and auditors
Tsuneo Takahashi
Akira Takagi
Yuki Ono
Akihiko Watanabe
Masaki Sakai