Commercialization of 30A-rated SFS-0830A Self Control Protector (SCP) with Lower Resistance and Smaller Size
- Ideal for Fast-Charging Smartphones and Power Tools -



Dexerials Corporation (Headquarters: Shimotsuke-shi, Tochigi; Representative Director and President: Yoshihisa Shinya; hereinafter, “Dexerials”), which provides leading-edge technologies, materials, and devices for smartphones, automobiles and other products, announced today that it has begun commercial production of a 30A-rated Self Control Protector (SCP), the SFS-0830A, which offers 57% lower resistance and 21% smaller size than existing models*1. The product has already been selected for use in several fast-charging smartphones.


Dexerials’ Self Control Protector (hereinafter, SCP) is a surface mounted fuse used as secondary protection, in which the fuse element melts to shut down the circuit when overcurrent and/or overcharging occur, due to malfunctioning of the primary protection that controls charging and discharging Li-ion battery packs. Since their launch in 1994, SCPs have been widely adopted for use in laptops, smartphones and other consumer IT devices, contributing to improving the safety of Li-ion batteries. The adoption of SCPs has also expanded in recent years with the introduction of Li-ion batteries for use in other products, such as power tools and electric motorcycles . Dexerials is working to decrease the size of SCPs and increase current ratings to enable their use in even more diverse applications.

The SFS-0830A, for which Dexerials has now begun commercial production, employs an optimized structure to achieve a fuse resistance of 0.55mΩ and product dimensions of 5.4mm (W) , 3.2mm (L) , 0.9 mm (T), simultaneously achieving lower resistance and smaller size. With the SFS-0830A, Dexerials has succeeded in reducing resistance by 57% and size by 21% in comparison with the existing SCP model*1. The low fuse resistance, reduction in generated heat and the low power consumption of the fuse itself enable the operation of on-board devices for an extended period of time, and the SCP takes up only a small, limited amount of space when mounted, making the SFS-0830A suitable for use in fast-charge smartphones. The 30A rating also enables it to be use in a wide range of applications that require relatively large amounts of current, such as power tools, cordless cleaners and electric bicycles.


Li-ion batteries are also expected to be introduced for more applications in the future. By working toward the further evolution of SCPs, Dexerials will support improvements in the safety of Li-ion batteries, contributing to the digitalization of society and the shift toward IoT.

Details of Self Control Protector (SCP) SFS-0830A

■ Product Name
  • Self Control Protector (SCP) SFS-0830A
■ Features
  • Structural changes reduce fuse resistance by 57% in comparison with existing models
    By shortening the conduction distance between the through electrode (through-hole) connecting the rear-side product and the fuse section, the design of the SFS-0830 achieves a fuse resistance of 0.55mΩ even with a smaller-sized product, delivering a 57% reduction in fuse resistance in comparison with existing models*1. The reduction in generated heat and the low power consumption of the fuse itself enable operation of on-board devices for an extended period of time.
  • 30A current rating achieved with smallest and thinnest SCP product dimensions
    The SFS-0830A is the smallest, thinnest SCP product with a 30A current rating at just 5.4mm (W), 3.2mm (L) and 0.9mm (T)—a 21% reduction in size in comparison with existing products*1
  • Realize a completely Pb-free product
    The SFS-0830A utilizes a Pb-free*2 fuse element, developed in-house, to realize a completely Pb-free SCP.  Contributes to reducing environmental impact
■ Specifications
Product Name SFS-0830A
Applicable cells in series 2 cells
Rated current (A) 30
Rated voltage (VDC)*3 36
Rated breaking capacity (A) 80
Operating voltage (V) 8.1 to 9.6
Heater resistance (Ω) 2.97 to 4.37
Fuse resistance (mΩ) 0.55
Dimension (mm) 5.4 x 3.2 x 0.9
  • *130A SFH series
  • *2The European RoHS Directive that restricts usage of hazardous substances defines Pb-free as a Pb content of 1,000 ppm or less.
  • *3Maximum voltage at which cutoff of the fuse is possible. It is not the operating voltage for the heater.