Small High Current Surface Mounted Type of Fuse
Commercialization of PTA-036100, a Power Current Protector
-Featuring a rated current of 100A and a size of 7.0 mm x 5.0 mm x 2.0 mm-



Dexerials Corporation (Headquarters: Shimotsuke-shi, Tochigi; Representative Director and President: Yoshihisa Shinya; hereinafter, Dexerials) announces that it has commercialized PTA-036100 Power Current Protector (hereinafter, PCP), a surface mounted type of current fuse that achieves a high rated current of 100A despite its smaller size.

In 1994, Dexerials launched the Self Control Protector (SCP), a surface mounted type of fuse used as secondary protection device to protect Li-ion battery packs from overcurrent and/or overcharging. Since then, Dexerials has further improved the fuse properties to achieve a small and high-performing product.


The newly developed PCP PTA-036100 is a surface mounted type of current fuse that has a rated current of 100A despite the small size with dimensions of 7.0 mm (W), 5.0 mm (L) and 2.0 mm (T).
Recently, there is an increase of motor-mounted electronic devices that require higher current such as power tools, drones, and electric motorcycles. Additionally, servers and routers that are used for communication, and power units that supply power to these devices also need high current power supplies because of the large amount of power they consume. If a current higher than the normal value (overcurrent) occurs due to a short-circuit or other failure while providing a high current to these devices, Joule heating occurs in the circuit, which may result in the overheating of the circuit board or it catching fire.

Exploded View of PTA-036100

When overcurrent occurs, the Joule heating generated by resistance melts the fuse element and physically isolates the circuit to protect the electronic device from heat and fire.

This Pb-Free product uses a new fuse element patented by Dexerials in 2017, which is an alloy of tin plated with silver for low resistance and high current capability. This fuse element has a low resistance and does not melt even if it is directly in contact with solder during reflow soldering process. This allows the edges of the element to be used directly as mounting terminals, resulting in a lower resistance of 0.4mΩ and smaller size for the entire product. By using this product, it will also contribute to the downsizing of devices.

Details of Power Current Protector (PCP) PTA-036100

■Product Name
  • Power Current Protector (PCP) PTA-036100
  • Surface mounted type of current fuse that protects electronic devices from overcurrent
    When overcurrent occurs, Joule heating melts the fuse element. The isolating of the circuit protects the electronic device from heat and fire.
  • A rated current of 100A is achieved despite its smaller size
    This product uses a low-resistivity fuse element with silver plating to the surface of a tin alloy which was developed in-house by Dexerials. Additionally, the rated current of 100A is achieved despite the smaller size with dimensions of 7.0 mm (W), 5.0 mm (L) and 2.0 mm (T), by using the edge of the element as a mounting terminal.
Cross-sectional View of PTA-036100
  • Developed a completely Pb-free product*1
    The product is completely Pb-free because its fuse element and case are Pb-free. The case is made of nylon with excellent heat and tracking resistance.*2
    • *1 The European RoHS Directive that restricts usage of hazardous substances defines Pb-free as a Pb content of 1,000 ppm or less.
    • *2 Tracking: The formation of carbides on the surface of insulators for some reason, which become conductive paths.
Product name PTA-036100
Rated current (A) 100
Rated voltage (VDC) 36
Rated breaking capacity (A) 300
Fuse resistance (mΩ) 0.4
Dimension (mm) 7.0 x 5.0 x 2.0