Development and Commercialization of a Large-diameter Conductive Particle-arrayed Anisotropic Conductive Film (ACF)
– Enabling reliable finer interconnection of camera modules –

New Product


Dexerials Corporation (Headquarters: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director and President: Yoshihisa Shinya, hereinafter called our company) has developed and commercialized the “PAF50C6” as a new Particle-arrayed Anisotropic Conductive Film (ACF) line called “ArrayFIX.” This product ensures highly reliable connections and is suitable for miniaturized terminal connections in camera modules or touch panels.


Our Anisotropic Conductive Film (ACF) is a film type adhesive material that provides three functions: adhesion, connection of opposite terminals, and insulation from adjacent terminals. ACF is used for IC chip mounting on flat panel displays and other applications. In 2014, our company launched the Particle-arrayed ACF “ArrayFIX,” which supports finer connections by arraying particles and improves connection reliability. Since the launch, our ArrayFIX products have been widely adopted for mobile IT devices with high-definition displays and automotive displays that require highly reliable interconnection.

In addition to display applications, ACF is expanding its range of use for terminal connections such as camera modules, touch panels, and IC cards.
In contrast to terminals in display applications, adjacent terminals in camera modules have wider gaps and the distance between opposing terminals may vary by several tens of microns. ACF for display applications has small-diameter conductive particles to match the finer connections required, while ACF for camera modules require large-diameter conductive particles to establish metal-to-metal contact between the larger terminal gaps. Having large-diameter conductive particles ensures that the electrical connection can be reliably established.
Furthermore, in recent years, along with the trends of downsizing and multi-functionality of mobile IT devices, demand has been growing for materials that offer fine pitch interconnections between adjacent terminals and absorbing variations in distances between opposing terminals.

The “PAF50C6” developed by our company is a product in which large-diameter conductive particles are arrayed in order to absorb variations in distances between opposing terminals and to enable fine pitch interconnections between adjacent terminals. By incorporating a new technology into the process of arraying particles, we succeeded in arraying large-diameter conductive particles in micron unit. With the new “PAF50C6”, it is now possible to insulate adjacent terminals while maintaining electrical conductivity between opposing terminals.
As a result, ACF can handle a wider variety of adherends and connection spaces than conventional products and can be used for various terminal connections. This product has already been adopted and approved for mass production for connecting camera modules in mobile IT devices.

Use Camera module and
touch-panel terminal connection
IC chip mounting on display
Conductive Particles Large-diameter Conductive Particles Small-diameter Conductive Particles
Conductive Particle Diameter µmФ 20μm 3.2μm
Area Density of Conductive Particles pcs/mm2 600 28,000
Minimum Connection Area µm2 34,000 300
Minimum Space*1 µm 60 10
  • *1: Minimum Space: Space between Adjacent Terminals
■Conductive Particles Array Appearance
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