Collaboration between the SemsoTec Group, Germany, and Dexerials Corporation
- Building an Automotive Display Technology Support System -



We are pleased to announce that automobile design house SemsoTec Group (Head office: Garching bei München, Founder and Managing Director: Jochen Semmelbauer; hereinafter referred to as “SemsoTec”) and Dexerials Corporation, a functional materials manufacturer (Head office: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director and President: Yoshihisa Shinya; hereinafter referred to as “Dexerials”), have agreed to collaborate on a system for the support of automotive display technology.

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SemsoTec is a company that provides a design concept of in-vehicle and specializes to make the concept of the cockpit with a combination of display and dashboard design. And also SemsoTec can provide total solutions for display stacks to improve display visibility and contribute to a comfortable and safe in-vehicle environment with the latest automotive displays considering challenging design and integration requirements.

Dexerials, a functional materials manufacturer, is engaged in the development, manufacture and global sales of optical materials and components that improve display characteristics including high-quality anti-reflection film and Optical elastic resin (SVR) as an optical clear resin (OCR/LOCA) which widely used in automotive displays.

SemsoTec and Dexerials will collaborate on technology support of automotive display in Germany, the country of origin of advanced automobile design. Dexerials has already begun the introduction of Optical bonding equipment with Dexerials’ Optical elastic resin (SVR) at SemsoTec’s plant in Munich, Germany, enables efficient and speedy customer service, such as to prototype and evaluate optical lamination locally.

Building a technical support system in Germany through collaboration between the two companies will enable SemsoTec to design displays using optical materials and high-quality components supplied by Dexerials with the aim of proposing automotive displays that offer both safety and high reliability to manufacturers of finished automobiles and customers handling automotive displays.

SemsoTec Group Founder and Managing Director Jochen Semmelbauer

“SemsoTec can build excellent human-machine interface (HMI) by the latest technology and materials. We would like to aim for growth together with Dexerials who are engaged in excellent optical material to realize cutting-edge displays and provide a comfortable and safe in-vehicle environment to many customers.”

Dexerials Corporation Representative Director and President Yoshihisa Shinya

“It is the aim of Dexerials to provide high-quality functional materials supported by its original technologies to solve social issues through innovations in materials. This fiscal year, Dexerials has developed cutting-edge materials to support innovations in display technology from the perspective of visibility, safety and design such as the anti-reflection film ‘AR Film HD Series’ featuring an improvement of at least forty times the durability of outermost surfaces and Optical elastic resin ‘Jettable SVR’ providing compatibility with inkjet coating for ease of handling and improved flexibility of coating shapes.
Combining these materials and know-how with the expertise of SemsoTec will further improve added values of automotive displays. In addition, we anticipate that the global supply of automotive displays will contribute to both the evolution of automobiles and the sustainable growth of both companies.”

■Company profile of SemsoTec Group
(1) Company name SemsoTec Group
(2) Address Schleißheimer Straße 91a
D-85748 Garching bei München
(3) Title and name of representative Founder and Managing Director: Jochen Semmelbauer
(4) Business overview R&D and product development for HMI and display solutions, Technology Center for display production and Process development, Sample Shop and inhouse small volume production capabilities of displays and electronics.
(5) Consolidated net assets 11.5 Million Euro (as of December 31, 2019)
(6) Establishment April 2009
■Company profile of Dexerials Corporation
(1) Company name Dexerials Corporation
(2) Address Gate City Osaki, East Tower 8F, 1-11-2 Osaki, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo
(3) Title and name of representative Representative Director and President: Yoshihisa Shinya
(4) Business overview Manufacturing and sales of electronic parts, adhesive materials, optical materials and other products
(5) Consolidated net assets 16.021 Billion Yen (as of March 31, 2020)
(6) Establishment June 2012