Development of Noise suppression thermal conductive sheet Carbon fiber type EX10000K3 series, Suitable for Noise Suppression and Heat Dissipation for IC Chips Taking Charge of High-Speed, Large-Capacity Data Processing, such as Those Required for 5G
- Satisfying both Suppression of GHz-Band High Frequency Noise and Thermal Conductivity of 20 W/m・K -

New Product


Dexerials Corporation (Takashi Ichinose, Representative Director and President, Shinagawa, Tokyo) has developed the Noise suppression thermal conductive sheet Carbon fiber type EX10000K3 series, which satisfies both noise suppression and high thermal conductivity due to mixing with carbon fiber, for IC chips for high-speed, large-capacity data processing, such as those required for 5G communication. Just a single sheet of this product satisfies both noise suppression and high thermal conductivity. This product is also expected to contribute to the saving of components and thinning of products, and to effective thermal conduction within products.

Recently, the performance improvement and internal higher-level integration of a variety of devices are being enhanced, and the amount of information processed by IC chips is rapidly increasing. In response to this sophistication, the information processing capacity has been improved by heightening the operating frequency of IC chips and the number of core processors. Also due to 5G communication to be introduced in the future and the progress of AI, IoT, autonomous driving, etc., further upgrading of information processing capacity is expected. At the same time as the upgrading of information processing capacity, however, high-frequency noise and the amount of heat generated will also be increased, and coping with this problem is already a big challenge. Concerning heat dissipation, our company has been placing a carbon fiber-based thermal conductive sheet on the market, which has been adopted so far for 5G communication base stations and high-end smartphones, receiving a high evaluation.

Concerning noise suppression of IC chips, on the other hand, noise is currently suppressed by surrounding the IC chip with a metallic shield can, and by covering the top with a copper plate or copper foil tape. With this type of structure enclosing the circumference of the IC chip, however, heat is conducted through a copper plate or multiple layers of thermal conductive sheet to heat dissipating components, such as heat sink or casing, in which effective thermal conduction is not possible.

Our Noise suppression thermal conductive sheet Carbon fiber type, the EX10000K3 series, satisfies both noise suppression and high thermal conductivity. Noise suppression capability is added to the sheet by mixing with magnetic powder. The GHz-band noise of IC chips, which likely develops when operating at high frequencies, can be suppressed more effectively than with the conventional copper foil tape-based shield structure. Moreover, thermal conductivity of 20 W/m・K is realized by the arrangement of vertical alignment of carbon fiber.


EX10000K3 series Note
Thermal conductivity(W/m·K) 20 Estimated bulk thermal conductivity
Main component Silicone base -
Color Gray -
Hardness 40~60 Shore OO
ASTM D2240
Available thickness(mm) 0.5~4.0 -
Specific gravity 4.1 -
Volume resistance(Ω・cm) 10 JIS K7194
Relative permeabilityµr″ 1GHz 1.8 S-parameter method
2GHz 2.1
Comparison of effects of noise suppression


※ Comparison between a general, conventional shield structure and the shield structure using this product (0.5 mm in thickness) based on measurement in our company

The contents of this article are current at the time of publication.
Please note that this product has been discontinued and we are no longer accepting orders or providing samples.