Development and Start of Shipping of Solar Control Window Film Albeedo with Improved Installability and Retro-Reflectivity

New Product


Dexerials Corporation (Takashi Ichinose, Representative Director and President, Shinagawa City, Tokyo) has developed the Solar Control Window Film Albeedo IRAVK700. The IRAVK700 is vertically installed and has much better retro-reflectivity compared to our current product. We started the shipment of Albeedo in December 2016.

The Solar Control Window Film Albeedo is a new transparent heat shielding window film that reflects near infrared rays from the sun upwards. The newly developed spectrally-selective reflective layer inside the film transmits the visible light included in solar radiation but selectively reflects only the heat generating near infrared rays upwards. Albeedo applied onto the interior surface of a window blocks the heat generating near infrared rays from entering a room, thus reducing the increase in room temperature, but it also improves the thermal environment of the surrounding buildings as well, by reflecting these near infrared rays upwards. As a result, Albeedo contributes to the mitigation of the Urban Heat Island effect.
We have advanced the development and commercialization of Albeedo since its application at Tokyo Denki University Tokyo Senju Campus in 2013. Albeedo has been installed on public facilities, office buildings and universities, including Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse and Otemachi Building owned by MITSUBISHI ESTATE Co., Ltd.

Our new product is easier to install compared with current product. Many windows are tall. Our current film is applied horizontally to windows, and two or more pieces of film may be required to be joined together depending on the window’s height.However, the new product can be installed on windows in a vertical direction. This allows it to be applied to vertically tall windows of a large size. One sheet of the new product can cover a window with a width of up to 1.2 m, avoiding any joint lines.
The new Albeedo film is also 35 μm thinner than the current product, allowing improved handling. In addition, the configuration of the adhesive layer and near infrared selective reflection layer, also allows for the improved drying of water that remains between the window and the film after installation.

Comparison of how current and new product is applied


Finally, we have made changes to the near infrared selective reflection layer inside Albeedo, improving the retro-reflectivity. It now allows the near infrared rays to be reflected much closer to the direction of the incoming rays from the sun. When the current film is applied to a window, its saw-tooth reflection layer film reflects incoming near infrared rays upwardly to the opposite side. The reflection layer of our new product is now in a pyramid shape and is designed to be more retro-reflective. If ray comes from the side towards the film, the film will reflect the rays upwardly to the same side.

Enlarged view of incident surface of near infrared selective reflection layer


In addition to having developed the Solar Control Window Film Albeedo business, we have started ODM (Original Design Manufacturing) for FUJITA INDUSTRY CO., LTD. to actively promote our Solar Control Window Film business.

・Albeedo and its logo are trademarks of Dexerials.

Product Specifications
(Vertically applied)
Our current product
(Horizontally applied)
Type nterior surface use only Interior surface use only
Size(width×length) 1,200mm×30m 1,200mm×30m
Film thickness(µm) 105 140
Peel strength(N/25mm) > 8 > 10 ISO 9050
Upward reflectance of near infrared rays against total amount of incident infrared rays(%)※1 31 33
Shading coefficient※2 0.61 0.61 ASHRAE
Standard 90.1
Solar radiation Reflectance(%) 15 18 ISO 9050
Transmittance(%) 43 43 ISO 9050
Absorptance(%) 42 39 ISO 9050
Visible light Reflectance(%) 9 9 ISO 9050
Transmittance(%) 67 68 ISO 9050
UV light transmittance(%) < 0.5 < 0.5 ISO 9050
U-value(W/m2・K)※3 5.8 5.8 ISO 12567

These figures are measurement values of film applied onto clear float glass (3 mmt).
The optical measurements are conducted at a normal incident angle (ISO 9050). The actual sunlight incident angle may be oblique, so angular optical properties will differ.

  • ※1The film was placed vertically, and near infrared rays were irradiated at an incident angle of 60 degrees. Near infrared rays that were reflected higher than the horizontal plane were measured. Multiplied by the weighting coefficients based on ISO 9050.
  • ※2This is an index of the shading performance of solar radiation.
  • ※3This is an index of heat insulation performance for a clear float glass applied with a window film.