Implementation of Organizational Reforms aimed at Strengthening Business Promotion Structure and Boosting Profitability



Dexerials Corporation (Representative Director and President: Takashi Ichinose, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo) implements organizational reforms aiming at strengthening its business promotion structure, boosting profitability, and continually improving its corporate values.

Up to the present, Dexerials has engaged in the global supply of functional materials applying its strengths in the development of cutting-edge materials and production and process technologies, mainly in the field of electronics. However, amidst the growing sense of uncertainty in the global economy from the second half of fiscal year 2015, markets for devices that have driven the business of Dexerials such as smartphones, tablet PCs, and notebook PCs are experiencing downturn in growth. This has led to increasingly dramatic changes in the environment surrounding our company. Moreover, the strengthening of our business promotion structure, including development and commercialization aimed at markets with future growth potential such as automotive and medical care, has come arise to an urgent issue.

Faced with changing market environment, on April 1, 2016, Dexerials launches a new organizational structure creating new products and winning new business opportunities in its existing business categories and, in addition, to launch new business categories focusing on market growth potential in the future.
Furthermore, as well as launching operations at its newly-acquired business base from fiscal year 2016 to accelerate business expansion, research & development, engineering, and manufacturing resources that have so far been dispersed will be unified into the optimum resources management.

Dexerials will determine the details of these organizational reforms in the future.

<About the Organizational Structure to be launched on April 1, 2016>

・The existing three business units will be reorganized into a single entity directly linked to and promote specific product fields.
・As well as establishing new organizations to oversee new business categories, personnel will be redeployed to accelerate entry into new markets and the business in the automotives, communication, semiconductor, life science, and environment fields in which Dexerials has identified as the new prioritized business categories.

・In addition, a new organization will be established as cross-departmental headquarters to integrate and unify product development, global marketing, manufacturing, and quality control. This will allow Dexerials to optimize deployment of resources, functional linkage, and efficient business management based on company-wide strategies spanning both existing and new business categories.

・The areas overseen by executive officers and their roles and responsibilities will be reviewed in an effort to boost company-wide growth and profitability.

<About the Utilization of New Business Base>

・The buildings and land in Tochigi Prefecture (1724 Aza Sakae, Shimotsuboyama, Shimotsuke-shi, Tochigi Prefecture) acquired by Dexerials in August 2015 will be put into full-scale operation as a central base to drive the growth of the company.
At the present time, Dexerials decided to implement new equipment for our “Optical film business” aimed at the continuation of existing business and acceleration of new business growth in the future. Dexerials also commences measures to increase in production of “Optical elasticity resin” (SVR, Hybrid SVR) from the middle of fiscal year 2016 to 2017.

・As well as these undertakings, research & development, engineering, and manufacturing functions that have so far been dispersed among various bases will be unified for efficient use and optimum deployment of resources management.