Start of mass production; water treatment agent for inorganic effluent having three functions of coagulation, flocculation, and improved dewatering performance

New Product


Dexerials Corporation (Takashi Ichinose, Representative Director and President, Shinagawa City, Tokyo) started mass production of PL-A510 suitable for metallic ion containing effluent discharged from plating factories, and SC-A510 suitable for fluorine ion containing effluent discharged from semiconductor factories, as anionic water treatment agents for the treatment of inorganic effluent water discharged from manufacturing premises such as factories. These water treatment agents, utilizing characteristics of natural plants, have been produced by applying Dexerials’ elemental technologies of organic material design and formulation. Water-soluble polymers obtained from natural plants have three functions of improved dewatering performance originated from the natural plant structure, in addition to excellent coagulation and flocculation performances against inorganic effluent. With these functions, they contribute to the large reduction of the use of agents and the amount of sludge to be discharged.

<Water treatment agent having functions of excellent coagulation and flocculation performances simultaneously>

We had been carried carrying out inorganic effluent treatment discharged from circuit board manufacturing processes of Suzhou Plant, China and Neagari Plant, Japan to the degree where effluent can be released to environment. We used to utilize considerable amount of agents to maintain water quality of rivers, and discharged large amount of sludge as industrial waste. We, then, started the development of new water treatment agents in 2009 to reduce usage of agents and amount of sludge as one of the activities to lessen environmental loads. Effluent is treated with primary flocculant and neutralizing agent as primary treatment before secondary treatment of colloidal precipitate (colloidal particles) with coagulation agent and secondary flocculant to form large flocks (lumps) to accelerate depositions with usual inorganic effluent treatment technology. Deposited flocks will further be dewatered, and residual sludge will be disposed as waste. Dewatering aid may be added at this step.


We paid attention to the fact that water-soluble polymer derived from natural plants have many functional groups which polarize to anions (imbalance of electric charge) resulting in excellent neutralization capabilities of charged particles thereby quickly forming flocks from colloidal particles, and found out that it can also reduce dewatering time of flocks with fiber structure such as vascular bundles of natural plant. While we examined natural water-soluble polymers of various natural plants for their effectiveness through trial and error, verification tests started at our Suzhou Plant, China in 2010 and at Neagari Plant, Japan in 2011 with preproduction product. We have developed water treatment agent having three functions of coagulation, secondary flocculation, and improved dewatering performance simultaneously by maximizing the effects with optimized composition of organic polymer fabricated with our characteristic technologies of organic material design and formulation, and water-soluble polymer derived from natural plants which is an active component, thereby large reduction of the usage of agent at primary treatment and discharge amount of sludge.


<Contributing to cost and environment>

It has been found out with the three years verification test at our Neagari Plant that usage of primary flocculant can be reduced by 42%, that of neutralizing agent by 49% at primary treatment, and the amount of disposed sludge waste to almost half, thereby contributing to both the reduction of cost and environmental loads.

【Reduction of primary flocculant and neutralizing agents amount with Dexerials’ PL-A510】


Category:Plating plant
Plant:Dexerials' Neagari plant
Location:Ishikawa, Japan
Target ion:Copper (Cu) ion
Effluent volume:540,000 tons/year
Evaluation period:CY2010 to CY2013
*1 Polymer flocculant(Polyacrylamide)
*2 Amount of PL-A510 is as same as the amount of polymer flocculant.

After field tests at several of our manufacturing premises (plating and semiconductor factories), these agents have been adopted as our products, and we started mass production from last July. Starting from Japan and Europe where environmental consciousness is high, we plan to expand water treatment agent business globally to United States, Taiwan, Singapore, etc.


Additionally, we will exhibit these products to the following exhibitions.
・"AQUATECH AMSTERDAM 2015" (booth No. 07.352)
 Held in Amsterdam, Netherlands, from Nov. 3 (Tue.) to 6 (Fri.)
・INCHEM TOKYO 2015 "5th Innovation in Water Management Show" (East hall, booth No. 1D-22)
 Held at Tokyo Big Site (Japan), from Nov. 25 (Wed.) to 27 (Fri.)
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