Personnel Announcements

Personnel affairs


Tokyo, Japan-Dexeroals:Corporation has announced the following of personal appointment effective October 1st, 2012.

【Members of the Board appointment】
Representative Director Takashi Ichinose
Director Hisashi Ando
Director Yoshio Fujiwara
Director Hideyuki Yasue
Director Hiroshi Hamada
Director Masahiko Niimi
Director Harry Murakami
Director Nobuyoshi Ehara
Standing Statutory Auditor Masao Yamaguchi
Statutory Auditor Norimasa Nakamura
Statutory Auditor Toru Yasuoka
【Executive Officers appointment】
President Takashi Ichinose
Hisashi Ando  Executive Officer, Research & Development Division,Kanuma Plant Manager
Yukio Yamada  Executive Officer, Optical Solution Products Division
Naoyuki Sanada  Executive Officer, Global Sales & Marketing Division
Soichiro Kishimoto  Executive Officer, Advanced Material Division
Tetsuji Ishikawa  Executive Officer, Advanced Process Device Division
Akira Nozawa  Executive Officer of Procurement, Corporate Planning Division
Masao Wakai  Executive Officer, Strategic Alliance Division