Regarding the Launch of Business of Dexerials Corporation - Aggressive Expansion of Business from Electronics to a Wide Range of Fields such as Environment and New Energy -



TOKYO,October 1,2012-The company name of Sony Chemical & Information Device Corporation has changed to Dexerials Corporation on September 28 and will commence business operations on October 1.

Up to the present, Dexerials Corporation (“the company”) has applied its development capabilities in the fields of advanced materials and manufacturing process technology to supply functional materials with high added value to accommodate to the needs of customers.

In concrete terms, the company has been engaged in the field of electronics on markets for products such as flat panel displays, fast-growing smart phones and tablet PCs, in manufacturing and marketing of unique high-functional materials represented by products including Anisotropic Conductive Film (ACF) used for display panels, substrates and IC chip mounting, Optical elasticity Resin (SVR) that contributes to realization of high contrast in panels, antireflection film and lithium-ion rechargeable battery fuses. Furthermore, the company aims to achieve continuing growth through the reinforcement of new businesses in the fields of environment and new energy where greater growth is anticipated in the future through its already-commercialized mounting materials for photovoltaic cells and LED-related materials.

With the start of business under its new name, the company will establish overseas subsidiaries to enhance convenience for its customers who have manufacturing bases overseas and strengthen its speedy support system worldwide. In addition, the company will introduce a new executive officer structure. By separating the board of directors that serves as a body for management decision making and monitoring of operations from the business execution function, the company plans to strengthen both functions to ensure more efficient and speedy business operations aimed at achieving new growth, ultimately lead to its business expansion.

The company will embrace the concept of “Providing the world with new values and contributing to the enhancement of richness and quality in human society and the global environment” and “Create people who create values” as its corporate vision and will endeavor to function as a single, unified entity to supply products that will contribute to the manufacturing processes of its customers and maximize customer values.

[Regarding the Company Name]

The name “Dexerials” is a coined word formed from the two words “Dexterous,” meaning “skilled and quick” and “Materials” to express the idea of a company with excellent technology that resolves problems intelligently and skillfully with its customers and creates values above and beyond customer expectations.



[Corporate Profile]

1) Date of Change of Company Name: September 28, 2012
  Date of Business Commencement: October 1,2012

2) Headquarters
 Gate City Osaki, East Tower 8th Floor, 1-11-2 Osaki, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 141-0032, Japan

3) Capital stock
 5.48 billion yen

4) Equity investor
 60% invested by the Development Bank of Japan Inc.,
 40% by investment funds advised by Unison Capital, Inc.

5) <Members of the Board >
  Takashi Ichinose, Representative Director
  Hisashi Ando, Director
  Yoshio Fujiwara, Director (part-time)
      Former Executive Vice-President of Mitsubishi Materials Corporation
  Hideyuki Yasue, Director (part-time)
      Corporate Auditor of Marubeni Corporation
  Hiroshi Hamada, Director (part-time)
      Former Director, Representative Executive Officer, Chief Operating Officer (COO) of HOYA Corporation
  Masahiko Niimi, Director (part-time)
      Senior Vice President of DBJ
  Harry Murakami, Director (part-time)
      President and Chief Executive Officer of DBJ Investment Advisory Co., Ltd.
  Nobuyoshi Ehara, Director (part-time)
      Partner of Unison Capital, Inc.
  Masao Yamaguchi, Standing Statutory Auditor
      Former Senior Advisor of DBJ
  Norimasa Nakamura, Statutory Auditor (part-time)
      Senior Vice President of DBJ
  Toru Yasuoka, Statutory Auditor (part-time)
      Director of Unison Capital, Inc.

 < Executive Officers>
  Takashi Ichinose, President
  Hisashi Ando, Executive Officer, Research & Development Division, Kanuma Plant Manager
  Yukio Yamada, Executive Officer, Optical Solution Products Division
  Naoyuki Sanada, Executive Officer, Global Sales & Marketing Division 
  Soichiro Kishimoto, Executive Officer, Advanced Material Division
  Tetsuji Ishikawa, Executive Officer, Advanced Process Device Division
  Akira Nozawa, Executive Officer of Procurement, Corporate Planning Division
  Masao Wakai, Executive Offier, Strategic Alliance Division

6)Principal operations
 Manufacturing and sales of Adhesive materials, Optical materials etc.,

7) Major manufacturing sites and Group companies
■ Major manufacturing sites (In Japan)
  Kanuma Plants (Tochigi), Tagajo Plant (Miyagi), Nakada Plant (Miyagi)
  Neagari Plant (Ishikawa)
■ Overseas group companies
  Dexerials America Corporation, Dexerials Europe B.V.,
  Dexerials (Suzhou) Co., Ltd., Dexerials (Shenzhen) Corporation,
  Dexerials Korea Corporation, Dexerials Taiwan Corporation,
  Dexerials Hong Kong Limited, Dexerials Singapore Pte. Ltd.

8) Consolidated Employees
  2,911 (As of August, 2012)

9)Consolidated sales
 56.86 billion yen (As of March 31, 2012)*
 *Fiscal term ending March 2012, Division of business migrated to the new company