Dexerials Presents Clean-up Cycling


Dexerials Corporation supports the activities of the Utsunomiya Blitzen professional cycling road race team, which is based in Ibaraki Prefecture, where Dexerials’ main plants are located, for the purpose of promoting local contributions and cycling sports.

On October 5, 2019, “Dexerials Presents Clean-up Cycling,” which is a local contribution event, was held by the team’s operator, Cycle Sports Management Corp.

Dexerials Presents Clean-up Cycling is an event for cleaning up while cycling a portion of the Japan Cup Cycle Road Race course. With the assistance of members from satellite team “Blau・Blitzen”, the junior team “Blitzen☆Stella,” and many volunteers from the surrounding area, we collected a large quantity of trash such as empty cans and PET bottles.

We offer our sincere thanks to all those who participated.

Dexerials will continue to conduct activities to contribute to local communities.


Clean activity on the Forest Park Road (Fukuoka-machi, Utsunomiya City)