Participation in Environmental Conservation Activities at the Watarase-yusuichi Retarding Basin


Dexerials Corporation is a corporate member of the Watarase Knights (712) Club, which is operated by Tochigi City, Tochigi Prefecture for the purpose of environmental conservation of the Watarase Retarding Basin, which is home to precious plants, birds, insects, and fish, etc. and we support its activities.

On June 26, 2019, we held the Watarase-yusuichi Retarding Basin White Loosestrife Discovery Event in order to protect the endangered plant, white loosestrife, which grows in the retarding basin.

Dexerials employees participated as volunteers, taking note of the growth of white loosestrife and removing introduced species (such as Canadian goldenrod and willow).

Dexerials will continue to work with local communities to engage in activities for the conservation of the natural environment and biodiversity.

engaging activities

Engaging activities

white loosestrife

White loosestrife

the Watarase Retarding Basin

The Watarase Retarding Basin