Participation in the 23rd Ashio Spring Planting Days


Dexerials Corporation supports the activities of (NPO) Grow Green in Ashio. Each April, (NPO) Grow Green in Ashio holds “Spring Planting Days” which are tree-planting activities in the mountains that have been degraded by the smoke from the Ashio Copper Mine. Dexerials has participated in and supported these activities since 2009, and approximately 2,000 people from around the Kanto region participated in the 23rd Ashio Spring Planting Days held on April 21 and 22, 2018 to plant 7,000 trees.

In addition to participation by Dexerials staff and their families, Dexerials provided a broad range of operational support, including traffic control, reception, and food.

Dexerials will continue to actively participate in environmental conservation activities.


Afforestation work