Corporate Philosophy, Vision and Purpose

Corporate Philosophy


Have Integrity and Sincerity

Utilizing Dexerials' unique and innovative technologies with a quick and skilled approach, we fulfill customer needs and resolve customer challenges.
Each and every employee has the integrity and commitment to creating value that exceeds our customers' expectations.

Corporate Vision

Value Matters

Unprecedented innovation,
unprecedented value.

Enhance the richness and quality of life and our environment by continuing to develop new products of value to the world and develop people who can create value are our mission.


Empower Evolution.

Connect People and Technology.

Connecting people and technology.
Connecting community and hope.
We craft the materials, devices,
and solutions that advance
digital technology, and we will continue to
embark on a journey to change the world.

Together with our partners,
we at Dexerials envision the future
and solve every issue with innovation.
Masterfully leveraging the combination
of people and technology,
we open new paths to evolution.

Every day, we embrace the challenge,
for a society that’s more prosperous and
efficient. Our aim is to strive for a world
where all stakeholders can enjoy sustainable
and comfortable lives.

Dexerials' Purpose