Protecting High Current Li-ion Batteries

Dexerials’ SMD fuse protects Li-ion batteries from overcurrent and overcharge.

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How does our SMD fuse work?

  • Overcharge protection

    When the heater melts the fuse element to prevent overcharging, the current stops flowing through the heater as soon as the charging circuit is cut off.
  • Overcurrent protection

    Joule heat produced by an overcurrent melts the fuse element to stop the current.

Product Lineup for High Current Li-ion Batteries

150 Amps SMD fuse (2-mode type)【NEW】

Photo: SFM series
  • Offers the rated voltage of 125 and rated current 150 A, the largest size in product lineup.
  • This is a Pb-free* product.

    (* The European RoHS Directive, which restricts the use of hazardous substances, defines Pb-free as a Pb content of 1,000 ppm or less.)

60 Amps SMD fuse (2-mode type)

Photo: SFK series
  • Achieving rated current 60 Amperes as a surface mounted fuses.
  • Applicable up to 10 cells in series.

100 Amps SMD fuse

Photo: PTA series
  • Surface mountable large-current fuse for protecting electronic devices from overcurrent.
  • Small and thin with a height of 2 mm and a rated current of 100 Amperes.

Reasons for Choosing Our SMD Fuse

#1 market share in secondary protection fuse market

Top market share in standard products for Li-ion battery packs, with cumulative shipments of over 2 billion units.

High product quality

Dexerials conducts strict inspections at many stages to guarantee high product quality and reliability.

Wide product lineup

We offer a wide range of products from small, low impedance to high impedance, high current products that can handle high currents from 60 Amperes to 120 Amperes.