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Solar control window film

Solar control window film Albeedo™, improving thermal environment of both inside the building and the street by reflecting near infrared rays upwards.

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    • A pyramid shape embedded microstructure reflects near infrared rays upwards, reducing the amount reflected toward the ground.
    • Blocks about 70% *1 of near infrared rays and 99.5% of UV light entering a room through the window compared to clear float glass.
    • Creates well lit room allowing 67% *2 of visible light to pass through.
    • Effectively prevents fragments of glass from scattering or falling when broken.

  • *1 The value obtained by calculation assuming the integral value of weighing coefficient of 780-2500nm. Wavelength based on ISO9050 is defined to be 1, and it includes re-emission of near infrared absorbed.Measured value 72.0%
    *2 ISO9050

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Product name IRAVK700 Remarks
Type Interior surface use only
Size (width × length) 1,200mm×30m
Film thickness (µm) 103
Peel strength (N/25mm) > 8
Upward reflectance of near infrared rays against total amount of incident infrared rays (%) *1 31
Shading coefficient*2 0.61 ASHRAE Standard 90.1
Solar radiation Reflectance (%) 15 ISO 9050
Transmittance (%) 43 ISO 9050
Absorptance (%) 42 ISO 9050
Visible light Reflectance (%) 9 ISO 9050
Transmittance (%) 67 ISO 9050
UV light transmittance (%) ≦ 0.5 ISO 9050
U-value (W/m2・K)*3 5.8 ISO 12567

These figures are measurement value of film-applied clear float glass (3mmt).
The optical measurements are conducted at normal incident angle (ISO 9050) and actual sun light incident angle may be oblique and angular optical properties are supposed to be different.

  • *1 It was placed vertically, and near infrared rays were irradiated at an incident angle of 60 degrees, near infrared rays which was reflected higher than the horizontal plane was measured. Multiplied by the weighting coefficients based on ISO 9050.
    *2 It is an index of the shading performance of solar radiation.
    *3 It is an index of heat insulation performance for a clear float glass applied with a window film.

Suitable for heat shielding around the window areas in office buildings, public space, etc.

1.Total reflectance and upward reflectance properties against an incident light

Test Piece Condition

Substrate:Clear float glass
Test piece size:H50mm × W40mm × T3mm
Bonding method:Dry bonding
Measuring equipment:Integrating sphere for reflection measurement (Lambda Vision Inc.)
Measuring condition:<Light source>
Halogen lamp: 12V150W
Incident angle: 60 degrees
<Integrating sphere>
Outer diameter: 200mmΦ
Opening ratio: About 0.2%

[Dry bonding. Left at RT for more than 24 hours before measurement. ]



2.Indoor energy saving effect and improving outdoor thermal environment



■Iris phenomenon:

A rainbow pattern (Iris phenomenon) may appear on the film surface depending on the degree of how fluorescent lights in a room or how sunlight gets into the film. This is not to be regarded as defects of the film or installation process, as it is caused by the interference of light at a hard coat layer on the film's surface.

■Bright line:
Bright line, as shown in the photo on the right, may appear on the film surface when sunlight directly hits the film. This is not to be regarded as defects of the film or installation process, as it is attributed to the film's structure.
■Double vision:

When you look out of the window through the film, you may see a double vision or an image with a rainbow pattern if the light reflection intensity is high (especially if object is white, silver, or some other bright color). At night, you may also see multiple images of outside light or reflections of internal light.
This is not to be regarded as defects of the film or installation process as it is attributed to the film's structure.


As for how to install the film on the window and maintenance after installation, please refer to the following manuals. Application of Heat reflective film Albeedo™ increases solar energy absorption of a glass, which may cause thermal breakage of the glass. Be sure to contact us before is talling of the film.


Note on the characteristic data given - Data on the characteristics of the products described in this page based on the results of evaluations carried out by the company. This does not guarantee that the characteristics of the product conform with your usage environment. Before use, review the usage conditions based on evaluation data obtained from the equipment and substrates actually used.

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