Water treatment agent

Water treatment agent

Water treatment agent suitable for inorganic effluent combining three functions: coagulation, flocculation and improved dewatering performance.

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    • Having excellent performance for coagulation, flocculation and improved dewatering performance due to its natural plant ingredients.
    • Reducing the consumption of inorganic flocculants and neutralizing agents due to high coagulation and flocculation performance which are achieved by using water-soluble polymer derived from natural plant.
    • Reducing the amount of sludge to be discharged by minimizing the quantity of inorganic flocculants and neutralizing agents, both of which form the greater part of the sludge weight.
    • Contributing to reducing dewatering processing time and sludge treatment cost due to the high water flow performance, which is achieved with the fibrous structure of natural plants.

Product Lineup


Product name SC-A510
Main component Granulated plants (Corchorus family) with anionic water soluble polymers
Appearance (color) Granular (reddish brown)
Applied for Fluorine ion containing effluent
Applicable inorganic ions Fluorine (F)
Ionicity Anions
Packing 5 kg/pack, 15 kg/pack

[Recommended use condition]
• As general polymer flocculants are used, add a solution of this product to water to be treated.
* The optimum additive amount depends on the contaminant types and concentration; a guideline is about 3 to 10 mg/L of solid content.

[Dissolution method as a reference]
• Dissolve this product in water so that the solution has the following concentration:
- If the solvent is pure water: 0.1 wt%
- If the solvent is not pure water: 0.2 wt%

* As general polymer flocculants are used, when making a solution, add this product to water a little at a time, stirring the solution so as not to form lumps.
* Although insoluble reddish brown fine particles may be suspended, use the solution as it is.
(These are substances needed to improve the ability of dewatering sludge.)

Suitable for inorganic effluent water treatment, for example at plating factories.


-Existing facilities can be used for this process without modification.
-Add this product after adding the inorganic flocculant.
-Although it contains insoluble components derived from plant, use it as is.

1.Concentration range of Fluorine (F) ion after water treatment

Test Condition

<Plant information>
Category: Semiconductor plant
Target ion: Fluorine (F) ion
Effluent volume: 1,000 tons/day
Inorganic flocculant: Calcium chloride (CaCl2) and polyaluminum chloride (PAC)


2. Sludge discharge

Test Condition

3. Coagulation and flocculation performance test using simulated effluent

Test conditions

Test solution: Fluorine ion-containing solution 600 mL
(F ion concentration: 500 mg/L)
Calcium chloride solution 2.5 mL
(CaCl2 concentration: 35 wt%)
PAC: 0.27 mL (additive rate 100%)
(PAC concentration: 10 wt%)
pH: 6 – 8
Measurement method: Absorptiometry (JIS K0102 34.1)

<F ion concentration vs. Inorganic flocculant additive rate>

<Transparency (SS*2) vs. Inorganic flocculant additive rate>

*2 Suspended Solids

* Ion concentration (SS concentration) measuring procedure
(1) Preparing a target ion-containing solution
(2) Adding a neutralizing agent
(3) Adding an inorganic flocculant
(4) Adding PAM or SC
(5) Sampling
(6) Measuring the ion concentration (SS concentration)


Note on the characteristic data given - Data on the characteristics of the products described in this page based on the results of evaluations carried out by the company. This does not guarantee that the characteristics of the product conform with your usage environment. Before use, review the usage conditions based on evaluation data obtained from the equipment and substrates actually used.

Product Lineup