Optical elastic resin (SVR)

Optical elastic resin for large sized FPDs

Thinner of the FPD for large TV and digital signage, contributing to high contrast.

  • Product name
    SVR7000 series
  • Features
    • Filling air gaps with the resin contributes to realizing thinner panels with improved high visibility and high contrast.
    • Low viscosity for shorter spread time that enables excellent air dissipation and a large UV irradiated area so that even when antireflection film is applied the resins harden quickly with rapid curing under UV light. These characteristics enable the resins to be used in large flat panel displays.


Product name SVR7000 series
Cure condition [mJ/cm2 ]*1 2,000 to 5,000
Viscocity [mPa・s]*2 700 to 4,000
Hardness *3 E5 to E40
Refractive *4 solid 1.50 to 1.53
Shrinkage by cure [%] *5 1.2 to 2.5
Elastic Modulus [Pa]*6 25°C 2.6×106
Keeping temperature [°C] 10 to 30
  • *1Metal-halide lamp, UV wavelength 365nm
  • *2Rheo-meter @25°C
  • *3Durometer (Code E)
  • *4Abbe @25°C, D-line(589nm)
  • *5Density meter
  • *6DMS method:@1Hz
Lamination processes

Suitable for display panels for large TV and digital signage including air gaps e.g.,for LCD and OELD.

1.Difference between the air gap structure and the optical elastic resin structure



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