Double coated tapes

General-purpose double coated tapes

High-performance, general-purpose double coated series usable for various purposes produced employing Green tape ®.

Product Lineup

Product name G4000 G9000 G9000W※2 T4000(T4000B) T4000W(T4000BW)※3
Main component Acrylic base
Carrier Nonwoven fabric
Color ※4 Translucent Translucent Translucent Translucent (black) Translucent (black)
Adhesive thickness(µm) About 150
Release paper thickness(µm) About 120 About 150 About 150+120 About 150 About 150+120
Bonding strength(N/20mm) ※1 17 14 14 14 14
St'd size(width & length) 1,020mm x 50m 500mm x 50m 500mm x 50m 500mm x 50m 500mm x 50m
Warranty period from manufacturing date 12 months

UL certificated. UL file No:( UL969 No.MH15431)

    • ※1180°peeling strength
    • ※2G9000W: With both side release paper.
    • ※3T4000W/T4000BW is with both side release paper
    • ※4T4000B/T4000BW is black type