Anisotropic Conductive Film (ACF)

Anisotropic Conductive Film (ACF) for Chip On Glass for small-to-medium-sized FPDs

Suitable for direct bonding of driver IC which drives a flat panel display onto glass substrate. With both excellent conductivity and insulating property between terminals for fine pitch interconnection.

Product Lineup

Product name CP692 series CP345 series CP540 series
Type COG
Connection material IC
Glass substrate
Minimum space [µm]※1 12
Minimum connection area[µm2] ※2 1,300 1,000、1,400 500
Thickness[µm] 20 18 18
Conductive particles Type Au/Ni plating on a polymer core particle Ni plating on a polymer core particle
Ni plating on a polymer core particle
Particle diameter [µmФ] 3 3 3.0 to 3.2
Insulation coated particle Yes
Main bonding conditions Temperature [℃] 190 to 210 150 to 180
130 to 160
Time [sec] 5
Pressure[MPa] ※3 60 to 80 30 to 80
40 to 80
  • ※1Minimum space: Space between neighboring circuits.
  • ※2Please contact us for information on σ value control of the minimum connective area for each product individually.
  • ※3Pressure of main bonding: The pressure at COG mounting is described as the total area of bumps. The pressure at FOG, FOB and FOF mounting is described as the bonding area.