Double coated tapes

Conductive adhesive double coated tapes

Electrically conductive. Effective in reduction of thickness and weight.

Product Lineup

Product name AL7620 AL7621 T4420W ※2
Main component
Conductive acrylic
Carrier Soft aluminum foil 20µm Soft aluminum foil 20µm Non-carrier
Aluminum Aluminum Black
Adhesive thickness(µm) About 70 About 50 About 35
Release paper thickness(µm) About 120 About 120 About 115 + 115
Bonding strength(N/20mm) ※1 9 8 6
St'd size(width & length) 500mm x 50m 500mm x 50m 500mm x 100m
Warranty period from manufacturing date 12 months 12 months 12 months
  • ※1180°peeling strength
  • ※2With both side release paper.